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for November 21, 2020

Random Thoughts About My Car

Back in May, my local Hyundai dealer was offering incentives to move cars off their lot to make way for the new 2021's. But the bigger reason for the incentives was the fact that they weren't selling cars due to the Covid-19 shutdowns and restrictions. People weren't buying. They weren't buying because many weren't working. Many weren't working because the Virginia Governor, like the other 23 Democrat governors around the country, decided to bring the economy down by closing businesses with the hopes of making President Trump look so bad he would lose the election.

Anyway, back to the local Hyundai dealer. My wife and I purchased our first Hyundai in May, 2014 - a silver Sonata which she adopted as her own. I continued to drive a 2003 Kia Spectra which I subsequently gave to my grandson who babied that thing until get received a WV for his high school graduation two years later. In August of 2015 I went back to that same dealer and decided to lease a new Accent - the smallest of Hyundai cars and got a good deal as a returning customer, plus the end of the year sales, etc. Two years later, I received a call from the dealer offering me an upgrade to an Elantra (a true step up in size and gadgetry from the Accent. That was in August 2017. The three year least was about up when Kyle, the sales manager at Hall Hyundai and with whom I did business with the previous three purchases, gave me a call about leasing an upgrade. And what an upgrade that was.

So on May 8th, I drove away with a new 2020 Hyundai Sonata Ltd. complete with all the gadgets that allows the car to drive itself. I signed a lease for just about $100.00 a month more than the Elantra and it came complete with a three year maintenance package where everything from oil changes and tire rotations to 15,000, 30,000 and 42,000 miles check ups with air and gas filters and state inspections as well as other big ticket maintenance items are covered. I love that car.

I write about this because today, I took the car in for its first oil change and tire rotation. It had 6113 miles and 6 and a half months on it and this car doesn't require oil and filter changes for 7500 miles or 6 months, which ever comes first. I am not use to that length of time going by. I have always changed oil every 3000 to 3250 miles and rotated the tired every other oil change since I was taught that as a teenager. This Sonata is a Turbo and of modern sophistication that it doesn't need changes as often.

I brought the car in back in late August because I had just hit the 3000 mile mark and it had been over three months since I drove it off the lot. Sam, the service registrar told me to take it home and bring in back in three months. I had forgotten, this car was different. Wow! I love it!

This automobile as automatic everything. Automatic windshield wipers that detect when there is rain particles hitting the windshield and how fast it hits so that it adjusts both intermittent speeds as well as turning on regular slow or fast speeds. It has automatic headlights that turn on when there is enough darkness in the environment. The headlights automatically turns the brights on and off under the appropriate conditions. It has both automatic transmission as well as standard (without the need of a clutch) with 8 speeds on the steering column. The seats, side view mirrors, panel illumination, radio and other accessories automatically adjust to your liking with two presets (one for me and the other for my wife if she has to drive it). It has heated and A/C seats and a heated stirring wheel!

This Sonata has 22 cameras to help with parking, seeing what is beside, around and behind you, sensor to slow or stop it to keep you from hitting anything like curbs, toys, kids, poles, signs and the like. You can set the cruise control to any speed and take the foot off the pedal and if some old lady driver gets over in your land and does 25 MPH slower than you were doing, it automatically slows your speed down and keeps you at a set distance from her. If she speeds up, the car will speed up too - automatically! It has warning sounds that go off I start to wander into the next lane, or on the line next to the shoulder of the road. I can set a lane detector so that I can take my hands off the wheel and let it drive itself. The only way it moves over into another lane is if I turn on the signal to warn drivers around me that I am getting over into that lane.

Oh, I could go on and on about this smart machine, but I would end up tell you so much that either you would become jealous or you would think that that car is all there is to my life. The only thing I have to complain about is that the darned thing doesn't cook Chinese or babysit my dog.

Anyway, I am going to be taking my first 2000 mile trip in this car next week as I drive to Florida to visit my oldest who will have all four of his kids and has invited my youngest to fly in from Wyoming and together with his two sons - we will all be together to celebrate Thanksgiving. That is, unless our wonderful ass of a governor here in Virginia doesn't decide to lock us all down and forbid travel outside of the state. He might make that edict after I have left the state and then I would have to quarentine somewhere in North Carolina for 14 days before he will let me back home. I can live in that car for the whole time although I would prefer to sleep in a comfortable bed.

No doubt this will be the last car I lease and will purchase it outright after the 39 month least is up in August of 2023. If the Communists in the Democrat party completely takeover as they plan by 2025, the Green New Deal will be forced down our throats which include the shuttering of gas refineries, shutting down all gas productions, pipelines, fracking and the like, making petroleum based fuel powered car obsolete and forcing us to ride rail and electric powered golf carts to get us to the train stations.

Isn't it funny that it is getting so that no matter what I talk about, from football to cars; from family to kitty litter, everything always comes back to politics in general and the control freaks that make up the Democrat Party.

Tomorrow I will talk a little about my Sunday at Church and the preparations for my Thanksgiving Trip. Somehow I will come around to the Democrats. It doesn't take much to get me started on evil these days.

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