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for November 3, 2020

Election Day, or The Day the United States ...

Today is the day most Americans have been waiting for. Will it be Donald Trump for another 4 years, or will it be Joe Biden for a couple of months and then Kamala Harris for the remaining 3 and three-quarter years?

I may have given away part of the scenario on a Biden win. Ole Joe will be given an opportunity to put his signature on some sort of life-altering legislation, like the reversal of the Trump tax cuts, or a reversal in the immigration laws enacted under Trump, or maybe even the initial legislation moving the U.S. economy away from energy independence to the Green New Deal global dependence. After that, say at the end of his first 100 days, he will be 25'd out of office, either by his own cabinet and the signature of Kamala Harris, or by the new legislation being proposed by Nancy Pelosi to allow a Congressional Committee to recommend and both houses approve his removal. Either way, Joe will have a Presidency shorter than James Garfield (March 4 until September 19, 1881) and just a little longer than William Henry Harrison, who served just one month to the day in office. Both of those Presidents died while in office. Ole Joe is already dead, but his lungs are still breathing, and his heart is still beating. Everything else, including his mind, is gone.

Today is the day, the voting finishes up. I am in no way calling this Election Day! It is estimated that 70 percent of those who are going to vote have already done so, either through mail-in voting, or early voting which has been permitted in almost all states due to the Coronavirus.

All the major network and cable news outlets (except for Fox News) have Joe Biden winning the election by as much as 18 percent! CBS and ABC have him winning by 5 percent and they all say it will be called for him before sunrise tomorrow. There will be no need to worry about the late mailed in ballots as they will not matter. Over at Fox News, some of their pundits are saying Trump will win in a squeaker, a couple say he will win handedly, and one says there will be a popular vote landslide. Their more liberal commentators are all expecting a Biden and a few of them are saying it may be next week before it will be called for him.

One thing is for sure, many of the conservative talk show folks agree that if Trump will in popular vote, even by as much as 20 million, he should not be allowed to declare victory. But if Biden win, even by as few as 50,000, he should declare victory and Trump should concede without drawing it out into a second day! One thing is for sure: This election is about Donald Trump and Donald Trump only! Joe Biden does not really figure in at all.

So, what is going to happen as a result of this election? Regardless of who wins, the left has mobilized their minions to do one of two things: If Biden wins, they will be rehearsing and practicing on making radical moves to change everything from the economy to law enforcement; from energy to healthcare; from the Constitutional Republic to a Socialist Democracy. They will march in the streets, demanding social justice and the elimination of the way we have lived our lives. Business will be nationalized, Wall Street turned upside down, jobs lost, personal and private property eliminated and free healthcare, education, housing, food, cell phones, etc. etc. for all. "Equal opportunity" will be replaced with "equal outcome" while the first phrase will no longer be allowed to be uttered (like the N-word) and the second phrase coming to mean "equal misery for all."

If Trump wins, there will be civil war. Buildings and business will be destroyed, streets will be cluttered with debris, marches will become violent, lives will be lost, homes burned to the ground, riots complete with guns, bombs and riot gear will become an everyday occurrence. And the sad thing about it is that not one single Trump supporter will be among the insurrectionists. Biden supporters, who are not really Biden supporters but are America haters, bent on bringing the whole system down and silencing, imprisoning, or killing those who disagree.

Therefore, it boils down to this my fellow citizens. If Trump wins trillions of dollars in damages will be incurred, but within a day of his inauguration he should invoke the insurrection act and call up the entire national guard. If Biden wins, the United States of America is done, over, dead.

I will not be watching the returns tonight. I am convinced we will not have an answer as to who wins until December 13th - the day, I believe the Supreme Court will decide it for us - AGAIN. You see the electors must cast their ballots on the 14th. Even if Trump has enough electors on his side to win, the official counting of those ballots will be done until January 6th - then all hell cuts lose.

So today is the Day the United States ... stay tuned. We will finish that statement soon.

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