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for November 4, 2020

Something Other Than The Election

I went to bed last night knowing nothing other than this thing is going on and on until the United States Supreme Court will have to decide. I was watching as all the major news outlets, FOX included were either holding back calls for Donald Trump (like in Florida, Texas and Ohio) all the while telling us that Biden is still going to pull this thing out.

I awoke this morning only to hear than hundreds of thousands of ballots, boxes and boxes of ballots yet to be counted have been brought in. Trump was over 100,000 votes ahead of Biden in Pennsylvania and yet there were 85,000 ballots found in Philadelphia which all the major pollsters say is going for Biden to the tune of 95 to 5. Would you be surprised to learn that it is probable that Trumps lead could be cut to a slight defeat, or maybe a full 2 percent victory for Biden? What would you think if, like in 2008-2009 Minnesota Senate race that the lead is cut with the discovery of so many ballots - all for Biden - and the counting continues until Biden wins by just a dozen votes. That maybe 112,386 ballots are found, counted and we see only 7 of those going to Trump. It has happened before, and it will happen again. The only thing that should make a yet unborn person suspicious is that it never has happened once to the advantage of a Republican candidate. And yet, we have been told over the last six months that this election will be stolen by the Trump campaign - the Democrats would never do this. Psychologists would call that projection. In other words, what they do and would do, they say the Republicans are and will do. They would never be guilty of voter fraud. Problem is, Democrats are and will be guilty of it, but will NEVER BE FOUND GUILTY, like in a court of law.

OK. I said I am going to address other things. I did not set out to even mention the election. So, let me move on.

Uh, uh, oh, umm, ah......

What could I rant about other than the damned elections? Help me here.

I turn to my Facebook account to see if any of my peeps (that is what you call your Facebook friends) are talking about other than the election. No, they are not. I go to my Twitter accounts...same things. It is all about the election. My Instagram account? Same thing, only some of my peeps are talking about unrelated topics, but many of their postings are responded with rants or comments on the election. I am a new member of Parler (yes, it is spelled with an E), which is a new social media outlet promising to never silence anyone with a conservative point of view. I am following, so far, 78 persons and institutes and I am being followed by 3 people and even Parler is all about the election. (Hey, I only have 3 followers because I just joined over the weekend and I am not advertising anything yet. I haven't even made a post yet.

Talk me anyone! What is there to talk about when it seems that everyone wants to rant about the election? You know why this is the biggest topic of all? Even when in past presidential election years within 24 hours after the balloting people started to get on with life, this year, life has seemed to all but stopped. This is because this election about the end of the Republic. Democrats want to turn it into an Empire, Trump wants to continue the Republic, but many of his fellow Republicans (like Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell and their ilk) just go along with the powers that be (which to them is not Trump) so that they can keep their seats. Let's just face it, the end of Trump means we move into the globalist world of Socialism and totalitarianism. Our goose is cooked and goodbye!

You see, I cannot even get away from the topic. Damn it!

I want to talk about my kids. But they are drawn into the election mix. I want to talk about my grandkids, but they are busy with their virtual online learning from home and too busy with the school/homework to talk about what is happening in their lives. I could talk about my church, but we are in limbo with many of our people wondering and worrying about whether the church will still be in existence in 5 years with a Democrat party calling for the taxation of churches, levying fines on religious institutions that don't tote the line on the LGBTQIA+ agenda; or the confiscation of church property in the same of pure socialism wherein private property becomes the public property of the government - Welcome to the Soviet Union! Even our church building program which was meant to enlarge the fellowship hall and add a few more classrooms, has been on hold for a number of years, but now it is on hold, I believe, because God doesn't want us to expand the building as it may not be there in a few years.

As you can probably see by now, this is really a rant, not a mere writing. Rants are simply the conveyance of thoughts that one must get off his chest. What I need to get off my chest is simply this thought: I refuse to be a slave of the state! I do not want the state to dictate its will over the lives of my family, my church members, and my country. As a freedom loving Conservative-Libertarian I would like to tell those socialist loving idiots: STAY OUT OF MY LIFE! Leave me the alone. I know they won't, but - hey! - this is a rant.

Now, what can I talk about? What is there I can convey to you, my loyal readers? ......

Uh, uh, oh, umm, ah......

Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

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