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for November 7, 2020

A friend of mine once asked me: "Why do you want to live in Vermont, of all places?"

You see, since my parents went on vacation up there back in 1986 and came back with a wondrous report, I was intrigued. They commented on how beautiful the mountains were; how great the home-style cooking was in the various mom and pop restaurants they visited; how nice the dispositions of the people were; and how much cooler the temps were in mid-July than back home. I had to see this for myself. The pictures mom and dad took did not do the place justice. It was much more quaint than I could imagine.

My friends question was more of a political entrapment than a simple neutral question. What he meant was: "Why on earth would you, a socially, economically and politically conservative want to move to the place which is now known as the home of Socialism and Bernie Sanders? My answer was simple: "Bernie was sent to Washington to get him the hell out Vermont." You see, on a couple of my visits up there since 2006 I asked a few of the Green Mountaineers to explain the Bernie Sanders phenomena only to receive a near unanimous reply like this: We voted him in to get him out of Vermont - send him to Washington and get him away from us.

Yet, Vermont has very few Republicans serving in their state legislature and even the last three Republican governors were really Democrats not ideologically left enough to run on the Democrat or Democratic Socialist tickets. Vermont has seven recognized political parties among the town, city and state governments. They are the Republican, Democrat, Democrat Socialist, Progressive, Liberty Union, Libertarian and Socialist Parties. Other than the possibility of the Libertarian Party, all are left, far-left, uber-left or radical left in the ideological spectrum.

But that doesn't satisfy my friend's intrigue over my desire to move into this politically Communist state. So, here is the answer: In Vermont, only the politicians care for politics, the other 99 percent of the population just go about their lives and don't listen to those who are in office. Ordered to turn in their guns, they will say, "Nope" and that's it. Ordered to send their kids to government controlled schools and they can and may say, "Nah, I can do the teaching myself just as well, thank you." Thirty years ago, Vermont had a simple 2 percent sales tax and 1 percent income tax. Since 1996 and Governor Howard Dean, they have tripled the sales tax, the income tax ranges from 4 to 9.5 percent, property and estate taxes are the ninth and eleventh most expensive of all states, business taxes quadrupled between 1999 and 2020, cigarette taxes have increased 740 percent since 1994, alcohol taxes and other excise taxes have increased anywhere from 8 to 150 percent. Why? Because the left has controlled that state, either through the legislature and/or the governorship consistently since 1962 and before that time, the Liberal Republicans led since for the previous sixteen years.

The state is definitely left-of-center by about a hundred times over. But you can't beat the beauty. There are 101 original covered bridges scattered throughout. The Green Mountains are appropriately named as, even during the lengthy winter, there are so many spruces, pines and evergreens that one gasps at their beauty against the white snow. And as for the snow, I love it. I can even drive on it! When my friend reminded me that there are about five to six months of snow up there, I said, that more than makes up for the five to six inches of snow we get once each decade in Tidewater, Virginia. I can't snow ski on the flat lands of rain soaked Chesapeake, Va. And that one snow we get every decade or so, melts in a matter of minutes so that leaves out snowshoeing around town.

Well, back to Vermont (which comes from the French words Vert Mont, meaning Green Mountain), it is just a simple way of life. If you stay away from the Communist controlled environment known as Burlington, you will feel free. Spread your arms out to the side and breathe in the clear air. You can shout to the mountains "I am free!" and you wouldn't even have to worry that the state's equivalent of the NSA and Homeland Security would come and arrest you for saying and feeling that freedom. They don't care. They don't let one's political leanings, views, and edicts rule their quaint state and they certainly won't threaten to burn down your house or barns if you differ from them in anyway.

Quaint! I have used that word twice above and I cannot describe this state any better. It's a drawing card.

If you were to take a vacation up there you need to see the quaintest of towns: South Royalton. Here is a picture of this little town that has only two diners, two churches and a law school. Beautiful isn't it? This was taken back in January, 2012. It is known for being the home of the Vermont Law School and the birthplace of Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon Church. No, Smith did not receive his visions nor start his religious journey here. He moved to New York and soon after went rogue - like a New York politician only worse.

Vermont is dotted with many churches, mostly wooden structures 75, 100, 150 years old  or more. The sad thing about those churches is that a majority of them are no longer used for worship. Approximately sixty percent of them have been converted into Senior Citizens Centers, Libraries, Day Care facilities, Antique shops, museums, town halls or meeting places for various clubs or fraternities. Vermont has the fastest growing rate of the religously non-affiliated, agnosticism and atheism in the country. Approximately 45 percent of the people have no religious affiliation and of the remaining 55 percent, less than twenty percent attend more than one service a year. Yet, the church buildings show a rich heritage. Here are two  pictures of beautiful edifices, one in Bennington (which is an active church) and the other, the Round church is located in Richmond and is used mostly for town hall assemblages.

I can meander all around the state and most of neighboring New Hampshire, and think that I have gone to heaven. Summers are not hazy, hot and humid, the Autumn is colorful and cool, Winters have snow. Only the Spring leaves something to be desired. From early April until early June there is a lot of mud - all that snow has to thaw sometime! On this day (November 6), the temperatures are unusually warm - 65 degrees in S. Royalton, 67 in Bennington. But winter is a comin' (in fact, there have already been two snow falls in central state although not much in accumulation). It's the weather's way of teasing the residents and lulling any travelers and tourist into a false sense of security. Look out! Snow is comin" Residents tell tourists from the south to GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!!

Not me! Give me a log cabin with a fire in a stone fireplace and four blowers pointed in every direction to keep me warm and then BRING IT ON!

Vermont isn't for everybody. In fact, it may only be satisfying to a few. For me, it is just right. The people may not be religious folks, but they are friendly and moral people. It may be a high tax state, but you can park your cash in next door New Hampshire - even shop there for New Hampshire has no sales taxes. There would be no repercussions like the state IRS coming to confiscate your cars, house, property and mother-in-law (although the latter would be acceptable to me).

I was just thinking - with all the beauty that this wondrous state affords, who needs the politics and who cares who wins the White House? It is a pleasant and welcomed distraction. I wish I could be there and that it would last forever. Me, my dog Reggie, my two cats, snow, a big warm fire in the fireplace, homemade potato soup on the stove, grilled cheese sandwiches ready to be consumed, classical music playing on the radio and the beautiful Green Mountains on one side and a lake on the other. Come on people! Let's go to Vermont and leave our cares behind. Just bring your snow skis and snow shoes!

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