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for November 7, 2021


I was ever so-glad to have had an extra hour of sleep, thanks to the end of daylight savings time. I needed it. It took awhile for me to get to sleep last night due to, well you know, the thought that church was church around the corner.

I arose this morning and my stomach was not doing its usual flip-flop. About every other week or so, I have churning in my belly as if I am about to get sick with a stomach virus. Sometimes I end up in the bathroom sitting for an eruption of the bowels as I face the dread of going to church concerned over who will show up and how much of other folks work I will have to do because of their absence or a simple ball-dropping.

Well, I seemed to be OK today. But when I got to church this morning, the doors were locked and the lights were off. We have a "Deacon of the Month" whose duty is to come to the church by 8:30 am, unlock the doors, make sure the heat is running (it is set to come on at 7:00) and turn on the lights in the hallways and sanctuary. Well, the Deacon of the Month failed to show up or to call another to take his place. Wesley is our DOM and he has had to stay home with his wife who day-by-day gets more and more frail. He is basically her caregiver as she (Cynthia) has become homebound.

Maybe Wesley forgot to call somebody, or maybe he did call and they forgot. His first call would have been to the Deacon Chairman, who, as I have spoken about a couple of times in the last ten days, travels a lot and is gone roughly 18 to 20 weekends out of the year. He was gone again today so if and when Wesley called him to ask if he would open up the church, he probably said yes and then, forgetting his travel plans or maybe he made those plans on the spur of the moment and didn't think to find somebody else.

Alright, so I opened the church up, but then, the big fiasco soon hit me. We had no heat. The furnace was out. I immediately thought of calling the man we usually get to work on our old oil furnace and boiler, but he was out of town hunting, up in the mountains. So, plans were quickly made to cut the songs down, cut the message in half and get out of the sanctuary as soon as possible. You see, it was only 54 degrees in there!

It turns out that the water line leading into the furnace was shut off. The men working on the remodeling have had to move some of the heaters tied into the furnace and in order to do that, they had to shut off the water. They, of course, were not working on Sunday, so we had no way to get any heat into the building.

Then, while trying to access the church computer from the media computer I discover the WAN (wide area network) was down and the LAN (local area network) had lost access to all the computers in the building. I rebooted the router and got the WAN up, so the computers in the building could access the internet, but I had to reset a couple of the computers file sharing accessibilities again so they would be able to "talk" to one another again.

Then, Victor was there again today, nor did he text or email me to let me know he wasn't coming. He hasn't been to church since his parents death five weeks ago. His not communicating for so long is unusual and I am trying to give him some time to deal with his grief. I will need to go by and check on him this week and to find out if he needs more time to deal with his bereavement. So Dave Palagyi and I will have to work the sound system and video during the service. Dave sings in the choir so he can't be at the media center when he is up in the choir so I slip out and run it while the music is going and then he slips back out of the choir so I can go to the pulpit and preach. I do a constant moving back and forth during each worship service. I am either playing the drums for the first song or two and then go to the back and run some of the media, or I am moving between the stage and the media room. I am never still and stay on stage during any one service. I haven't stayed on the stage for the whole worship hour in three years.

We had less than 30 folks inside the building today. It's a good thing. They would have frozen. We did have a good number of people stay in their cars and listen in to the service. They, no doubt, were warmer than we were inside.

We have a few people out sick and a couple facing surgeries this week. I was also told by my Church Moderator, Bobby Crocker, that he needs to back out of serving in that position next year. We had already accepted the nomination to serve another year, but the church hasn't voted on him yet as that Annual Conference won't be held until November 17th. Bobby's health is failing him. He is 83 years old and has had severe bouts with his blood sugar rising through the roof one minute, then dropping through the floor the next. He was in the E.R. last week for his sugar dropping. He has seen an endocrinologist and has been put on a radically altered diet. Bobby has one more year to serve on his term as Deacon and he said he may have to become inactive through that year or resign due to health reasons. Wesley is the Vice Moderator and he is coming off of that position due to his wife's failing health, as I noted above. So, we may have to find two new folks to do those jobs, but we don't have anyone else who knows how to do it, although it is somewhat simple and can easily be taught. Still, we have only ten days to fill those positions.

Our church is old, our church leaders are getting older, new folks are few and apprehensive of pulling any new responsibilities, and I am getting more and more overworked. With Davis, the Chairman of everything else, out of town for the hundredth time in two hundred weeks, I am left with having the furnace fixed, finish fixing the PC network (LAN), oversee the work of the contractor while this week, get a number of reports typed and copied for the Church conference and any other item out of the ordinary that may come up this week - all in addition to my regular office work and hand-holding responsibilities.

Whereas most people go to church to find some spiritual nourishment and have their batteries recharged, I go to work. Whereas my people get something out of church, I put everything into it. They leave ready to face the world and its demands, I leave to go home and rest. Other than being with people for awhile, I get nothing out of going to church, except one headache after another. One problem after another, one more thing I have to do after another.

The attendance was average, the offerings were a little low for the first Sunday of the month, the service was 15 minutes shorter than usual and the building was cold. Need I say more? I sure as the day goes on I can find something else to bitch about, something or someone will come to mind, but I will spare my two loyal readers the pain of hearing about my pain.

I am going to A.J.Gators and watch the Ravens game. It's not on the local channels here so I need to rest and decompress from a grueling experience that I truly hope no one else in the church had, knew about or felt. I should be the one to bear the brunt of when things go wrong. Not the church folks. The least thing I want to do is run them away by them knowing about what I have to deal with each Sunday.

Minus the Ravens winning their game today, if anything good happens this afternoon or evening, I will tell you all about it in tomorrow's rant.

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