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for November 8, 2021


If you have been keeping up with my latest rants, you know that I am putting in more hours at the church office. I spent the last few hours working on my sermon for Sunday right here in a cold office!

If you read yesterday's recount of the services at church you saw that the building was cold yesterday as the furnace was out. The maintenance/repair man is coming sometime tomorrow to see what needs to be fixed so that, hopefully, we will have heat this coming Sunday.

So, I sit here with no heat and although the temperatures were up a some over yesterday, still the coldness stayed within the confines of the building and my office comes in at a reading of 55 degrees. I have my secretary's space heater on in here, but she will be at her desk tomorrow so I will have to put it back in her office before I leave today and remember to bring one from home for tomorrow.

They say I need to be seen more in the Windsor community and that my car sitting in the parking lot exposed to the gaze of passersby is supposed to say that the church is open for anyone to drop by and/or that there is life in this building. This winter, in an attempt to save on heating oil which is certainly expected to double over last year's cost, I will only turn on the heat for six hours Tuesday and Thursday when my secretary is here and, of course, on Sunday from 7 am until noon. The rest of the time, whether I am here by myself of not, the temperature will be set at 54 degrees and I guess, I am to sit in this office with that infernal space heater that can only heat up a third of this office, and pray that I don't have to leave the office all that often. Otherwise, I will be wearing my long johns, extra socks a sweater and maybe a jacket over that.

Oh, the joys of service in the ministry of the Lord's people. It certainly isn't what the Lord called me to do, but "sacrifice" is often defined by the people and members of the church, not the Bible. If left up to the Bible, there wouldn't be any offices for Pastors and heating of a church building would be more common-sense. In other words, if you can prepare your sermons in a place that is already heated, common sense tells you to do it. Don't sit in a cold office, freezing your potatoes off, just to placate the misunderstandings of folks.

I could go on about this nonsense until the cows come home and maybe I should. After all, no one other than a masochist reads these words for you would have to enjoy the pain inflicted by my words if you are a daily reader. This is my personal therapy, darn it! I can't afford to pay $150.00 an hour each week for a therapist who will merely sit there and listen to my words with little input and shear dumbfoundedness if I were to ask him/her, if he/she thought I was right or wrong or what they think, if anything.

Here is the question of the ages: Being in the ministry, is my ministry to the Lord or to the people? You could say both. But they are mutually contradictory. Far too often ministry to the people is to satisfy their individual needs (or wants) and not so much as for spiritual guidance. Ministry to the Lord often puts me on a different track than what others (mainly church people) deem as ministry. Ministry means "service" and if the Lord called me  into the ministry isn't into His service? He does ask of me to serve the people, but am I to serve their wants? That is, their desire for me to hold their hands? That's not ministry. That is care-taking.

I think that is what my ministry has devolved into being. I seem to be a Care-Taker. I am just holding the shop open for the time being. I am keeping the lights on. More and more, as my people get older and cannot make it out to church as often as they once, or fulfill the offices and duties they once held and performed, we haven't had folks to come along and step up. We have had few, if any, replacements. Most of the stuff has fallen back on me, or, as I have told you about twice in the last month, on to the Chairman of just about every group in the church. And he, as I said just yesterday, goes out of town at the drop of a hat. It was just Friday morning that his step-daughter called his wife (her mother) to see if they could come out to their place in Appomattox so they could take him out to a real nice restaurant for his birthday (which was Sunday). So they left Saturday and got back today, just in time for him to come over to the office to see if I was working. He had to admit, I am working under chilly conditions and said it would be good idea to bring my space heater from home tomorrow. So, with every position of leadership responsibility falling on him (since everyone else thinks they can't do half as good a job as him) and since he is gone approximately one-third of the year total, I get to do a lot of work, from maintenance, to contacting those to do maintenance. And since our regular furnace repairman is out for a month to the mountain to hunt, I had to figure out who to call, or what to do next. Fortunately, Davis, while sitting in the church office, had someone to call, the man who works on his furnace and since he is back in town, he said he would call and see if we can't get that repairman up here - hopefully tomorrow. But if Davis were still out of town, I best better believe, I would have to find someone.

Do you know how many times I have made typos while compiling this rant? I think I am close to a hundred. My fingers are iced up!

I am staying here until at least 8:00 as I have another of the many meetings that occur this time of year. From the end of September to the middle of November, we have anywhere from 2 to 3 Deacons meetings, 2 or 3 Administrative Council meetings; at least two Stewardship Council Meetings; one or two Property Council meetings and then, finally, the Annual Church Conference. The meetings mentioned actually all lead up to the Church Conference. There are nominations of members to the various teams and committees that will be presented for the church to vote on at that Conference. There is a budget for the upcoming year, prepared and recommended by the Stewardship Council. There are updates on the building and proposals to be presented by the Properties Council. The Deacons have a report or two, and on and on and on. I am involved in those meetings (unless, the call one while I am out of town, which they did a couple of weeks ago and that really pissed me off). I guess there is one good reason to stick around the church building more during the week: They can't just call a meeting at the church and expect me not to know or find out about it. That is, unless they wise up and someone hosts meetings at his house.

The last church I served had the Deacons meeting for supper at a Shoney's in town a couple of times without me knowing about it. When they tried to meet a third time (which was about six months after the second time), I found out about it and they changed the venue the day before to a place I didn't know about until after they met. After that, I sat down to write my resignation and later packed my bags to leave the church.

Well tonight we have another Administrative Council meeting during which we evaluate our staff and part-time employees. Not that they need evaluation but it has been a tradition reporting on the evaluations - generally and without reference to any individual employee - at the Church conference. I have to agree with the current chairman of that council that evaluations are like passing judgment. Why do it, just to be doing it? If someone messes up, we talk to them and seek to encourage change. If someone does something beyond the ordinary, we note it, sing a praise and move on. Paper evaluations should be a part of church work. It wasn't in the Bible. Maybe, with a little luck, we can move away from this policy of 35 years after this year.

No Bible Study tomorrow! I don't think we will have Bible Study until after the first of the year. But given the fact that Davis wasn't present to air his concerns (difference of opinion) he might have something to say. But he doesn't show up to half of the studies and those who come regularly (all two of them over the last three classes) both think that only they have a say and they want to wait to see what the first of the year brings. That is fine with me as I am really disgusted with having to prepare a lesson for many when very few show up to participate.

I have rambled enough for know. Plus I just went back to correct my 125 mistake due to frozen fingers. I am going to find a place to warm up, probably in my car - seeing that my cars needs to be seen to those to drive or walk by. I will have some time tomorrow, since I can leave at the time that was supposed to be Bible Study Hour and maybe I can utilize that time to moan and complain some more.

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