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for November 9, 2021


My back is aching right now. Having just sat down from eating a great dinner prepared by Brad, I had to take an Ibuprophin with the hope that the pain in my middle back region will go away soon.

I think the pain comes from moving fire wood around in the storage bin outside. A couple of weeks ago, Janice's oldest son brought by a cord of cut wood from a tree that was downed last year. So you would think that it was seasoned since it was cut down and sawed up last year. Well, we started a fire last Friday night and it kept going out, which means the wood is not seasoned enough. Now it might be OK for Matt because he had a wood stove insert and they burn anything you put in them. But for our open fire place, it won't burn.

So we already had about two-thirds of a cord still in the wood shed, but when Matt and his cousin came over to stock it up, they placed it all on top of the old stuff which is 3 years old and that means well seasoned. Yesterday, Brad got out there and pulled the new wood out and today I moved the old wood to one side and put the new in the back and right side, putting the old wood back to where we can get to that first. I spent two hours out there doing that and listening to Rush in their R40 concert which was to be their last tour before their drummer, Neil Peart, got brain cancer and later died.

I have been to many of Rush's concerts. They are (or were) just a phenomenal progressive rock band. I could go on for hours about their music, Neil's drum playing, the lyrics to their many songs and what they mean and so on. I just got into the music while Janice was spreading pine straw all over her gardens in the front, side and back yard and she noting how I was into the music. So much so, that I failed to pay attention as to what it was doing to my back.

I won't be long with this blog today. I have very little to complain about and wish to make this one a pleasant missive.

I went to church this morning, as is my usual plight and got a little work done. The workers downstairs were banging around, knocking out a wall and cutting drywall. The noise drove my secretary crazy and she had to leave the office for a few minutes to give her ears a break. I, on the other hand, was able to tune them out, but it was a little easy to do so since my office is at the opposite end of the building from where they were working, which is right directly under Shirley's office.

I finished working on my sermon, and then did a little work on the church's intranet, that is, the internal network to make sure all the computers were "talking to each other." That is like another hobby and doing that gets my mind off of the tedious and mindless nonsense of church "work."

In case you are wondering, the office is still cold and the furnace isn't fixed yet. The repairman didn't get there before I left at 1:30 and I guess that if he does get there, it will be Davis, the Deacon who lives across the street, who will let him in. The funny thing about today in the cold church is that the temperatures got up to 72 degrees today. I had to open my window to let out the cold as it was 57 degrees upstairs in the office area when I got in. Shirley was already there with her space heater on, her door closed to keep the heat in and a sweater on.

About three hours later, which was about 12:15, I told Shirley that I was going to take my jacket off and go outside. It was too warm outside for a jacket. So I took it off, left in on a hook nearest the side door of the church, then went outside and across the street to the post office to check our mail box. When I returned, I opened the church door and put my jacket back on. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around? I told Shirley and she just laughed. Hopefully, when we gather for choir practice tomorrow evening we will have heat in the building. It is supposed to be warm again tomorrow, but I doubt if the building will be too much warmer inside than it was today.

In short, it was a nice day with few things to complain about. In fact, the main complaint of the day is my back and not the petty anti crap that is usual from amateur lay persons who think they know more about the ministry that the education and well trained and experienced pastor. That factor alone makes me want to have a bowel movement.


I said I wasn't going to gripe and that this was going to be short. So let me spare my loyal readers and just say: "Thanks for reading and have a nice day."

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