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for October 11, 2020

Covid Sacrifices and WOKE Madness

This was the Sunday all Pastors dread (especially those starting out in the ministry). It is the day in which all your volunteer workers and a serious portion of you paid staff are out of town or sick. Today I was a one-man circus.

I had to do it all (except play the piano and the organ, which I can't do anyway). I was the sound system operator, the video cam operator, the Power Point scroller (music on the screen and the sermon outline too), song leader and one of the three greeters. If Sunday's were the Sabbath (which it is not - that's Saturday; we worship on the Lord's Day), then all the work I did today would be in violation of the Sabbath Laws. I had to come home from church to rest.

Rather than sound like I am complaining, let me quickly hasten to say that I have an even bigger appreciation for church volunteers and workers than before. Even though many small church pastors do have to perform several task throughout the week for lack of workers, most of the time they only still have to do two or three tasks during the worship service. Six or seven is reserved for the guy who has only children and invalids. I love my church workers. When many, most (as in the case today ALL) are out (stomach virus had a few), then it does fall back on the leader to fill-in as best as he can).

So here I am, sitting at my keyboard and screen, penning these words and RELAXING! Hey! At least I can use the second half of the day as a time of rest.

Today, following the church services, we had what an Administrative Council meeting. The Administrative Council functions as both a Personnel Committee and a Nominating Committee. They hire staff, evaluate their performances each year and sets their pay. They also have the responsibility of nominating to the church all the officers, deacons, and members of the various church councils. Their duties to nominate come this time of year and we must fill the offices of Church Clerk, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer, Moderator, Vice-Moderator, Head Finance Auditor, and members of the Properties and Stewardship Councils. They also nominate deacons to serve for two-year terms.

Well it came to pass that we had to consider the fact that some of the current occupants of these offices have to “rotate” off, in other words they cannot be reelected, but must rotate off for a year in order to allow others to serve. We have two deacons rotating off (OK we can fill those, no problem), two up for reelection (no problem there, they will serve again), but we have four other officers, mostly members of various councils and the church clerk who are basically resigning or have for the Covid period stepped down from their responsibility and will not be back to church until the virus is eradicated or at least several vaccines are available (none will take the first, many not even the second, for fear it might not be perfected), so we probably won’t see them or be able to put them back to work until possibly 2022.

Now, the problem is, not too many people are left to fill these positions. Why? Well we, like all the other churches in the area, are averaging about half the crowd as we did before Covid. In fact, we are a half-time church now, even having the office open only two days a week instead of four (Sunday would be the fifth day in this scenario). Like most churches, we do not have youth programs now, no Sunday School, no small group meetings in the homes and limited meetings, mostly due to the inability of getting a quorum to show up (again Covid is to blame).

Now our church membership has been incredibly lucky. We have had not so much as one member to come down with it, but the husband of one of our members did contract it and he was asymptomatic and showed no signs of it but was contagious. He self-quarantined at one end of the house away from his wife and all was well. This was four months ago, and the member did not come down with it.

Needless to say, it is not only me juggling a lot of jobs and wearing a lot of hats, but the Admin Council saw that filling these positions with people who are not infected with the media-instilled fear of getting Covid, is nearly an impossible task. Well, we came up with a list of names, with a couple of contingencies, just in case someone backs out or prefers to wait until next year. I have come to realize that people, no matter who they are, cannot be dependable if they are not independent of the dependency of Covid. In other words, I hear a lot of, “Well, it depends on what this Covid virus pandemic does and at what state we are in for a vaccine). It becomes a waiting game. Meanwhile, the church ministry must go on.

That brings me to the political correctness madness going on in the nation. Let me just bring this one up because it hits close to home. A banker in my community has a lot that his bank once stood on but has since relocated. The lot sits vacant, but the owner does really care if someone puts up signs in behalf of a candidate of one party or another. He is not one to insist that only his candidates and the party he backs can put signs on the lot. Nevertheless, there were those in the community who put Trump-Pence signs, and signs for the Republicans running for the House and the Senate. They sat there for about two or three weeks, and then suddenly, they were gone!

Rumor has it that one of the banker’s biggest depositors told him they would pull their money from his bank if they were not removed. Now, it is just a rumor, but when fifty or sixty people in the town swear it is true then it may just be that. If it is true, then the PC nonsense has prevailed over the banker. But I have just two questions about this situation.

First, what would the banker do if a Trump supporter with a boatload of money threaten to pull his from the bank if he does not put the sign back? That creates a dilemma for him does it not. We all know that the sensible thing would be to not allow any signs ever again on the property. Well, there just so happens to be a sign up on behalf of someone in a local election, running unopposed. Well, there is a safe bet, right? Still, it is a sign and, in all fairness, either allow candidates from both parties to have theirs planted on the lot, or none, even if they are running unopposed.

Second, which is not the bankers problem at all, is the person or persons forcing the banker’s hand and ordering (because that is what it has to do – an order) him to take the GOP signs down has to be a Democrat, or at least supporting the Democrats and their platform. Now either that person or persons is a part of a small elite who think they will be part of the control mechanism when Communism takes hold, or they are just plain stupid. If he or they are part of the former, then they think that Socialism (i.e. Communism) is for the people and not for the Socialists. Democrats have inched so far to the left that they are now talking about taking away your private healthcare plans and forcing everyone onto the government single-payer plan, restructuring suburbs into section 8 zones and integrating those suburbs with urban housing zones, taking away private property, eliminating all carbon emissions (something no other country in the world can or will do) so much so that public transportation is the only mode that will be available and so your cars will be outlawed. If the trains do not run to the rural areas, then you will have to move. You cannot use horses with buggies because horses, like cows, fart and emit methane gas which is part of the pollution problem, so horses and cows have to be eradicated. Farmers will lose their land because with 50 to 75 percent of inheritances lost to the democratic tax plan, they will not be able to will their business to their children. They will have to relocate. Where? You ask. To the suburbs which have become merged with the urban and will have to live next door to maybe a Honduran immigrant who receives free section 8 housing and lives off of many or all of the 72 means-tested welfare program, all but one proposed and pushed through by Democrats.

So you see, my question here is the person or person’s forcing the removal of GOP placards and therefore must be a Democrat, has either no fear of loosing anything of wealth, meaning he is part of the few who will rule, or oversee the 99 percent, or he/they just don’t know what is ahead for them as the money in the banker’s bank will be confiscated for whatever the Democrats running the government what to confiscate it for and they will be the more moronic.

To the Democrat, be he a follower/supporter or the candidate/incumbent, looks to the power of government. Government, to them, is the answer to all things. From poverty to the anti-LBGTQ stance of the church, Democrats think the government will solve it all, or strong arm it all. Democrats are all about the strong arm. They want to ram their ideology and platform down the throats of those who disagree with them. They like the power and that is why the run office. It’s the power, Baby! Republicans run just for the office. The also run AWAY from responsibility to the Republic. When Democrats are in control, they pound down an array of government programs, taxes and regulations that nearly wrecks the economy and many of our lives. When Republican regain control, they do not change anything or reverse the moves made to the left by Democrats. They are just roadblocks until the next time Democrats take over and then, they tax, regulate and push for more government programs that increases the deficit by a Trillion dollars almost each month.

Democrats do damage, Republicans do nothing. Which leads me to President Trump. He is not really a Republican. He ran as a Republican simply because that party best fits his ideology. That is, Anti-Democrat. Republicans are anti-Democrat and that is about all. The big difference between Trump and the GOP is simply this: Trump is not a Globalist. This means he is not pro-U.N. at all. He does not want the U.S. to be dependent on any nation at any time, anywhere. He is all about independence. Energy independence, economic independence, healthcare independence, etc. This is Trump’s position in a nutshell. He is opposed by Democrats and Republicans alike because the Democratic Party has become nearly a complete Communist ideology. They are globalists and view the United States as part of one big global community sharing with and bailout all other countries with the blink, idiotic hope that other countries will share with us. Mainstream Republicans are globalists too, but more along the line of being the dominate nation among globalists. Democrats talk about equality among nations, Republicans do not.

So, this gets me back to the banker’s problem. He was forced, by money, to remove election signs. The one forcing him must be a Democrat, using the very money that will either be taken away from him if the Democrats take control of the Senate and the White House and maintain control of the House of Representatives, or he will keep his money (for awhile anyway) for being a good servant to the Democratic elite. Who is this guy? A part of the privileged few (which I doubt), or a moron?

When they say “Money talks and B.S. walks” we sure do see this well in the world of politics. It boils down to the unspoken rhetoric of the left: Support the Democrats or you will lose your livelihood. This is called WOKENESS. Support the left or lose your very life.

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