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for October 16, 2020

How Happy Can I Be?

So how happy can a person be in crazy times like these? You say, John we have an election just around the corner. How can you be happy knowing that if Donald Trump wins there will be civil war and you may have to start shooting people to defend yourself and property. How can you be happy knowing that if Joe Biden wins, you will lose your guns so you can't shot and you won't have the ability to own or keep property to defend and the law of the land will be enforced by Antifa and BLM?

Hey, for the next two weeks I am shutting out the politics, shutting out the cares and concerns of work and outside responsibilities, shutting out the mundane. I am on vacation! This makes me happy!

It is Autumn! My favorite time of the year. Many people do not like the autumn because to them it symbolizes the aging and dying process. The leaves turn (age), fall off the trees (dying) and then everything goes bare. Well, instead of seeing the half empty glass I see the half-full glass.

In Autumn you get color. Color is beauty. In Autumn, the heat dissipates, and cool air moves in. In Autumn the grass does not have to be cut every three to four days, but once every seven, ten or twelve days. In Autumn, you have (or at least until this year) new television programs, new seasons of your favorite shows, a whole host of new movies from which to choose. In Autumn, everything seems to return to normal as school (whether in person or virtual) is in session, summer vacations are over, most everyone is home and life is not all that hectic.

Autumn is also preparatory, meaning it gets one ready for beautiful holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is a time for excitement and thrills. Football is in full swing; the World Series is in the middle and NASCAR is winding down.

Yes, Autumn! It is my time for get out of town and enjoy the beauty of nature, hike a few trails, sightsee the colors, meet fellow travelers who share the same interests, etc. etc.

I remember all those vacations I took to the mountains, the Blue Ridge Parkway of Virginia, the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, the Adirondacks of New York and especially the Green Mountains of Vermont. Back in 2006, Janice and I took Princess, our Sheltie, with us and spent so much time enjoying and even admiring the "simple" life of the Vermonters from the mom and pop nick-nack stores along the roads to the covered bridges scattered throughout the state. In October, Vermont is a treasure trove of color and cool weather, the likes of which gets you ready for any white precipitation the next season brings. Being from the East Coast of Virginia, white weather is rare and, when it happens, is messy. In Vermont, it is pure white and welcoming!

Princess loved Autumn. Shetland Sheepdogs have two coats of fur and they get hot really easy. Their bodies, as it were, biologically in tune for the rough and rugged terrain of the Shetland Islands and its weather - damp and cool. The trips to the mountains during this time of the year gave her fur a luster and seemingly put a smile on her face as if she would say: "This is my kind of weather."

Another reason to like this time of year is the fact this it puts a little more money in my pocket. I am not running either the upstairs or downstairs AC or heating. Owning heat pumps can put a pinch in my wallet as the electric bills are much higher in the winter and summer than in the fall.

When travelling on the highways, it is a lot less crowded. If I should go and visit my son and his family in Florida, the roads are a lot less dangerous with impatient drivers late for their arrival at Disney World, the lines are much shorter and the wait not as long to get on an amusement ride at the Universal Theme Park. Darn it, Autumn never seems to try your patience which makes it so joyful and relaxing.

I could go on and on, but you know what? It is time for me to stop and enjoy my favorite time of the year.

Even though it is a month old, I will still say it: HAPPY AUTUMN EVERYONE!!!

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