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for October 17, 2020

Just Relaxing

I forgot Ralph Vaughan Williams' birthday this week!

WHAT? Who in the world is Ralph Vaughan Williams?

Well first of all, he was a British composer who was born on October 12, 1872 and lived until August of 1958. Like Beethoven, Schubert, and Dvorak, he composed nine symphonies and unlike them, he did not compose enough chamber music, sonatas, and the like.

I am not going to bore you to tears about this guy, except to say that if you call his name or sing happy birthday to him, you must pronounce his first name right: It's pronounced Rafe, long A and silent e. And I must tell you - I love his 5th symphony! Unlike Beethoven's fifth (sometimes called the "Fate" symphony for by the time he wrote it, he had learned of his impending deafness), Vaughan Williams' is more pastoral, settling, relaxing and adventurous. When I listen to it, I have nothing on my mind and can crowd anything out that attempts to get in, including my wife. You ought to listen to it sometime. It's a thinker's symphony.

Now, on to something exciting, going into the 4th quarter of the Clemson vs. Georgia Tech football game, it is a blowout. Clemson is ahead by a thousand (really, it is 59 to 7 (and yes this is being written around 2:45 in the afternoon - while listening to the RVW 5th). I have had enough of the game. Georgia Tech is my university! They had the best baseball teams in the country from the late 1960's through the mid 1990's. They have had some decent years in football too, such as in 1990 when they finished the year undefeated under coach Bobby Ross (they did have a tie that year with North Carolina). Then they came in 1st place in the ACC in 1998 under George O'Leary and came in first in the ACC Coastal Division in 2006, 2009, 2012 and 2014. But they haven't done "doodlee-squat" since then. Well, they are playing what has become my favorite team in the ACC - Clemson. My grandson is a student there and so my loyalties are, at best, divided, and with the Tigers' domination of the ACC since Dabo Sweeney took over, I guess I turned traitor on my Yellow Jackets.

Last night, Janice and I went out to Texas Roadhouse for a Steak Dinner. This makes the first time in six months that we have been able to sit down in a restaurant and enjoy this kind of dinner. Don't tell our governor though. He may want to go back and levy more restrictions against eating out. He is one of those Democrat Governors who uses the Coronavirus to control his people. Has anyone noticed that the restrictions are harsher in Democrat controlled states while the Republicans trust their people to be responsible individuals when going out in public? Democrats hate freedom - well, let us just say that they hate people having individual freedoms and the liberty to travel, eat, hunt, play football, buy and sell things with little or no restrictions and taxes. In other words, Democrats think they know how to take care of you than you do.

Back to dinner last night, we had an exceptionally good time. We both brought back a little of our steak to share with Reggie who, by the way, is almost back to his old self. He literally inhaled his steak. Almost all dogs inhale and never chew "people food" unless, of course, they are sick. Why is that? They do not have time to enjoy it by just gobbling it up and swallowing it. It seems they get more out of smelling it than chewing it.

After we fed Reggie, Janice and I settled down to watching some old television programs. We like to watch Hill Street Blues, Magnum P.I., Quincy, E.R., and several others that came on in the 80's and 90's. Other shows we watch are Rizzoli and Isles, the Closer and House. Last night, it was a few episodes on NYPD Blue. We love that show (except for the bare buttocks scenes), but sex and blood sells - we know. We love Dennis Franz who played the role of Det. Andy Sipowicz, an anal retentive, anti-change, semi-racist cop who always got his man. His quirks are so funny, kind of reminds me of Janice's quirks and she hates change too.

Anyway, it is that time of year where we take it easy, take a couple of weeks off and enjoy life. Like I said in yesterday's blog, we love this time of year.

We will be leaving soon and visiting relatives near the mountains of North Carolina, seeing my grandson down in Clemson, and going to Orlando, Florida to visit my oldest and his family and then to see Janice's brother and sister-in-law in Ocala. It will be so leisurely that we don't know the exact order of our trip and who we will see first. We will make it up as we go. That is the way I operate, but Janice (being anal and obsessive-compulsive) wants it all planned out so neat and orderly. I will win this battle though because she hardly ever drives and is in no need to be orderly. The people we are going to see are like me and just need to know a day in advance so they can change the sheets on the bed in their guest rooms.

Ah! Good times!!

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