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for October 18, 2020

A Crisp Fall Morning and It's Sunday Again!

I think you all know by now (unless you haven't read my last two blogs) that I have on vacation. Although I haven't left town yet, I am enjoying a time of leisure and relaxation. This morning, I awoke to a nice crisp Autumn morning - 47 degrees with dew all over the grass. It was my kind of morning.

It is also Sunday, the first Sunday away from my flock (church) in Windsor since the last of December. Covid kept Janice and me from travelling for vacation in June and August. There was no place to go that was fully open. At least part of my family was able to drive up from Florida to see us in August and that made up for some of the isolation.

I get four weeks of vacation each year with the ability to roll one over for the next year (just in case I need to). A few years ago I took only three and rolled the fourth over. Ever since then I take four with the roll over continuously forwarded to the next year. I was planning on taking the full five this year, the third and fourth being now and the fifth during the last week in December. But as I said, the first two were postponed (really cancelled) so that means that I will have only taken three this year and with a roll over from last year, I will lose fourth. Oh well. That's life! I blame that on the Democrats too -- Covid restrictions you know.

This is the first time that I get to watch my church's worship service live online. With me not being there, I can make use of our Facebook streaming. After all, I cannot do it when there leading the service. It is a little strange for us. Why? Because we are not there with them. I love the people at Windsor Baptist. They may almost all be seniors, but they are amusing and kind. I am particularly thankful that all my helpers are there today. Last week was a bust as I was a one-man show due to illnesses and a couple workers travelling out of town.

Well, Reggie kept us awake last night. He is having body aches and pains again. We can tell when he is hurting, his whole body shakes like he in out in the cold and he moves from place to place on the bed and is constantly wanting to get down and go downstairs. I will let him down, following him downstairs and he goes to the backdoor to be let out. Twice he did a number 2, and three times were for number 1. This poor little man is going through a lot these days and I do worry for him. I wish dogs could talk. Then we can get the right meds in him, feed him what he wants and have a real man-to-man conversation daily. Friends have got to communicate you know.

Yeah, it's Sunday and at 1:00 this afternoon, FOX and CBS will be televising NFL games as always. I am boycotting the NFL this year for obviously reasons, but Janice is all about football. It does not matter if it is high school, college, the NFL, or the Flag football game with the neighborhood kids in the yard next door. The Green Bay Packers are her team and if they are being carried in our market, all talking, eating, playing, kicking the dog, and going to the bathroom ceases. Commercials afford her the opportunity to get something to drink, but if something is going on in another room in the house that she has to attend to, that TV gets turned to her game - even if the Packers are not playing! We have three ViOS boxes in the house and two Roku TVs. All five have the game on so the Nielsen ratings gets a 5 from our house as if five people are watching. So, you see, the numbers are already skewed toward the NFL just from my house alone.

Why boycott the NFL? I will tell you that I can stand by and watch millionaires mock my country or its flag. Simple as that. It all started four years ago when a washed-up quarterback decided he wanted attention and kneeled for the National Anthem. Now the only think about Colin Kaepernick that is worth talking about is his Guinness Book of World Record setting Afro he sports. If the truth be known, the real reason he cannot land a gig in the NFL is because the sports-wear companies are not able to produce a helmet large and safe enough to accommodate his Afro.

Then there is Black Lives Matter. Started and run by three self-avowed Communist, BLM is part of a larger movement (albeit somewhat legitimate) advocating for fair treatment of blacks in and around the country. OK, I am for that. BUT, the three women who lead this organization, along with the man who fronts the groups with millions of dollars (George Soros) plan the action, make the money and send minions into the streets to loot, riot, maim and kill. The odd thing about it is that about 90 percent of those doing the destruction are white. These are those feelers and emoters I spoke of in my rant on October 15th. The BLM founders, Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi, have trained themselves in Saul Alinsky community organizing tactics ( really it is community-rousing tactics) and have all said they studied Karl Marx and the Communist Manifesto down to the Revolution of activists who take to the streets to tear it all down. These three, along with a number of well-known black millionaires (like Kaepernick) are part of the "Plotters", you know, the leaders of the group who rile up the base and let them go after the hard-working good folks who just want to make a living and live in peace.

Susan Rosenberg is listed as the Vice Chair of the board of directors from Thousand Currents, which is BLM's financial sponsor, She had been a member of a radical leftist revolutionary militant group known as the May 19th Communist Organization, which was affiliated with the Weather Underground terrorist group and the radical Black Liberation Army. She was convicted on weapons and explosives charges and sentenced to 58 years in prison, serving 16 years behind bars before being pardoned by President Bill Clinton at the end of his second term in January 2001. Rosenberg, too, is part of the "plotters" on the left, not really getting her hands dirty and having no difficulty ginning up the snowflake feelers in the community.

What I know about radical groups like Black Lives Matter, Antifa and the like is that they all have a person or persons controlling the mechanisms and are getting wealthy doing it. The ones they send out into the street to destroy are, at best, paid in pennies, fed a meal or two, bussed in to each location they are to pillage and left to be arrested, hurt or killed. USEFUL IDIOTS.

And the NFL is one of BLM's main supporters. Why would I condone that? Why watch the NFL mock and ridicule our country, the police, the Founding Fathers and the Constitution? My five plus Neilson postings tell the world that I back BLM to the fullest.

What gets my goat the NFL is made up of 73 percent black players, 90 percent of whom are starters or first string on the various teams. That means they are all wealthy African-Americans. Add to that the NBA wherein 92 percent are black, 4 percent white and you must wonder who is more suppressed. in 2019, seven of the NBA teams did not have a single white player on the roster. Did you hear White Lives Matter clamor the unfairness of that?

It has been said that the most segregated institution was the church on Sunday Morning. Not anymore, the NBA, followed by the NFL is more segregated and filled with very privileged minorities. They are certainly crying about the wrong things there, aren't they?

Well, enough of the rant. It almost time for Janice to watch the football game. As for me, since all my televisions sets will be tuned to CBS and or FOX, I will resort to a Hulu rerun of Hill Street Blues and House.

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