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for October 5, 2020

This Year Sucks

If you think that this year of 2020 has been a good one, or just plain OK, then you are either an isolationist, an obsessive introvert or you've been deprived of TV, newspapers and radio and you don't know what the heck is going on. Go see a neurologist and a shrink!

I knew 2020 was going to be a dud when back on my 65th birthday (which was December 31st) not one family member, not even my two sons, or my five grandchildren, my three step-sons or their children called or stopped by to say "Happy Birthday." I am used to that, though usually I get one or two calls. After all, New Year's Eve is a very busy day.

You are reading the words of a guy who has never had a single birthday party -- on his actual birthday -- in his entire 65 years on planet earth. It's just too busy a time for a birthday party, especially for one who doesn't drink or provide alcohol. It's New Year’s Eve, for goodness sake, LET'S PARTY.  When I was a kid, my nieces and nephews would come over to the house and we'd eat cake and ice cream, but never on December 31st. Their parents (my sister and brother-in-law) had plans for that date. My father, who played drums for a trio, was always gone playing for dances on New Year's Eve. My older brother had his date nights on Friday, Saturday, and New Year's Eve. My friends in the neighborhood were out of town for the holidays, visiting grandparents and such. Heck, Mom and Dad couldn’t even get a babysitter for me on that night because, everybody was too busy.

Well on this past New Year's Eve (I won't even call it my birthday anymore because, at 65, you stop having them), everyone but my wife, simply forgot. It happens! My oldest son did text me HB greetings around 8:30, but he was partying with all of his neighbors and their families that started before dark. My youngest had his two boys out to visit him in Wyoming for the holidays and they were snow bound, so they spent the day creaming each other in snowball battles and playing video games. They just forgot. I understand.

Anyway, you get the picture! 2020 was bound to be a bust.

The first main event in 2020 that hit me like a ton of bricks was the news that Neil Peart died after a three-year war with glioblastoma (brain cancer). Neil was the drummer and lyricist for the rock band RUSH. I had the pleasure of meeting him many years back and he would allow me backstage access when the band came to town. I actually got to sit in on his sound checks before the concerts as well as his self-imposed warm-up thirty minutes before going on stage. I, like my father, play the drums. But no one could play the skins they way Neil did. He was Modern Drummer Magazine "Drummer of the Year" so many times back in the 80’s that they had to “retire” him at the ripe old age of 33. He was consistently voted one of the Top 5 drummers of all time (along with John Bonham, Keith Moon, Ginger Baker and Buddy Rich). Anyway, Neil died on January 7, but the family waited 3 days to announce it. I knew he was sick but was unaware of the exact diagnosis. His family kept that to themselves. He had already retired from the band, after 41 great years, and decided that his then six-year-old daughter and wonderful wife needed his attention. I’m glad that he spent the next four years with his family.

When I received the news of his death, I cried. I sulked about for ten days because he was a major influence on me. I have had other influences, even mentors to pass away. But none at the beginning of a year whose deaths would signal an omen.

Not too long following Neil’s death came the Coronavirus (Covid-19). By late February, the plans I had for a July vacation in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland were in trouble, destined to be cancelled due to travel restrictions into Canada. I was also planning a quick trip to the Neil Peart Tribute Concert and memorial dedication in St. Catherines, Ontario for that May. I purchased the ticket  and then it was postponed until next April. I wonder if they will lift the restrictions by then???

Then came March 15. My church held its last worship service before closing down due to the pandemic. With the exception of Easter Sunday, we only unlocked the church on Sunday’s for anyone to come by and pray or sit in meditation and Bible reading. We didn’t start having worship services again until May 3rd and then we could only assemble in the parking lot, sitting inside our vehicles and not getting out to shake hands or simply to talk. Our outdoor services continued until May 31st when we split the congregation up for what was called “Indoor-Outdoor” worship. Those who wanted to come inside and worship in the sanctuary had to wear masks and practice social distancing. Those who were apprehensive but still wanted to be a part of the church’s worship time could stay outside. We have used Facebook and YouTube to broadcast to those not attending at all and for those outside in the parking lot, we broadcast via FM transmitter. Those staying outside have found it somewhat convenient this way as they can run their engines, close their windows, and listen to the service with the vehicle AC cranked up to stay cool.  We are still doing it this way because we saw that there will be apprehension on the part of many to come inside until there is a vaccine, Covid dies down, or Jesus’s second coming. We have one family who will not be coming back to church at all. The fear running rampant throughout the U.S. has caused many to isolate for good, including this family. They are one of those not coming back until Jesus returns.

Covid has forced us not only to isolate, but it has cost many their jobs and livelihoods. It has forced complete life changes. They are talking about what the NEW NORMAL will look like and how we will have to adapt if we expect not to be fined, jailed or worse.

The first four months (March thru July) saw a run on toilet paper and paper towels. Paper towels I understand (you need them to keep your house and space cleaned from possible viruses), but what’s up with the toilet paper? Does Covid-19 cause one to poop fifty times a day? I once got behind a family of four at a Sam’s Club who had a case of toilet paper in each of their shopping carts. That’s four cases of 45 rolls. They checked out and before I could get my stuff rung up, they were back for four more cases in each of their carts. The store limited 1 case per purchase. So, let’s see … 8 cases of 45 rolls equals 360 rolls, enough for one roll a year or if the whole family develops diarrhea and it lasts for the whole term of Covid, they had enough for 75 days! They probably went back for more after I left, but one thing is for certain, Sam’s Club did not have anymore T.P. after three hours and they stayed out of stock for the longest of time.

Then, you couldn’t go to your favorite restaurant and eat a decent meal, not even a McDonald’s. Everything was closed. When things started to open again, there were so many restrictions that you had to jump through hoops just to get a seat in the establishment.

I could go on and on about the work-arounds and fires one needs to jump through in order to have a relaxing meal, spend time with friends and family and just to drive around in a car for a half-an-hour. One of these days I am going to sit at my computer and type out a rant on the politics behind these restrictions. I already know the title of the rant: “Those Damned Democrats.” I’ll just say at this point, I live in a blue state which, just eleven years ago was counted among the reddest states in the country. It took the election of Barack Obama and the empowerment of socialists to turn this state into a semi-Communist hell hole. He created such a bureaucracy in Washington D.C. that all of his socialist cronies from Illinois, California, New York and New Jersey moved up into the D.C. suburbs of Virginia and that brought more than a million more Democrat voters. One thing that is for sure about Democrat voters, they move around and bring their voting habits with them. They will leave their home states because of high taxes, restrictions, gun control, burdensome regulations and the like, but they come to their new states and vote for the vary ones who will install those regulations, laws and restrictions there. If you hate what Democrat politicians, lawmakers and operatives do, then stop voting for those Communist bastards!

My blood pressure is rising fast, so I am going to stop talking about Democrats.

No, wait a minute. I can’t!

The Democrat Party is dominated by the left, the far-left, the uber-left, Progressives and Communists. It is a party made up of devious, devilish, corrupt individuals who will stop at nothing to bring this country down. Like Dennis Prager says, I don’t know if the Left corrupts people, or if only corrupt people join the Left. Either way, Nikita Khrushchev must be reveling in his grave over the fulfillment of his prophecy that communism will bury this nation and no outside force will have fired a shot. The Democrats believe that socialism is for the people, not for the socialists themselves. They will run the show while the rest of us wallow in “equal” poverty.

So back to 2020, this has been the year the Democrats have shown their hands and announced their intent of wreaking havoc as a result of the upcoming elections. They have taken the opportunity to disrupt our daily lives with threats, actions, and restrictions. Don’t you think it is funny that only the Democrat controlled states have the toughest restrictions because of Covid? Go to a Republican state and you can eat at a restaurant, swim at the beach, drive from one location to another without being stopped and asked for your papers (proof that you have been tested for Covid-19 in the last seven days and found to be negative, or that you have quarantined for 14 days and did have a temperature spike the whole time). My wife and I were going to make our bi-annual trip to New England at the end of this month but when we arrive there, we would have to self-quarantine for 14 days before we could site-see. Imagine that, a 12-day vacation and we would be sitting in a tent somewhere in the Green Mountains the whole time and be released only to go back home. Give me a break.  By the way, Vermont, like New York and New Jersey are run by the far-left, the uber-left, Progressives and Communists. Even the Republican governor is a big government socialist.

So, 2020 is full of wonderful new things which have resulted in radically altering your life and mine. I love to eat out at dining establishments. I also love to eat many meals at home. Now, I almost always have to. You see McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Dairy Queen, Hardee’s Arby’s and, of course, Chick-Fil-A have not opened their in-store dining. You pick up your food and take it home. Thanks Democrat Governor Ralph Northam! I can’t eat out when going out, but I can rally, riot, demonstrate and wreak havoc in the streets of downtown Portsmouth at a confederate soldier statue demolition and call for the dismantling of the police department, but can't attend a full church service or eat at the local Chinese restuarant.

And that is another thing about 2020. Eliminating, defunding, and dismantling police departments. And all the while, Democrats want to literally free prisoners, eliminate parole, restore voting rights and, in some cities, not even prosecute acts of terror, vandalism, robberies, rapes and certain homicides! But, let a church gather in their places of worship or let a property owner defend his house, family and himself with a gun (and not firing a shot) and they go to jail for 10 years to life???  Who would have thunk it?

You know that favorite subject of ours when we were in high school that we all wished would go away? (I use the word “favorite” in jest.) It is called HISTORY. Well, it was my favorite subject, next to Phys Ed and Lunch. Seriously, history does repeat itself, which is why Democrats want to rewrite it. History shows us that the last time police were defunded or dismantled, the Brown Shirts took over and installed Hitler first as Chancellor of Germany and the next year as Fuhrer. Then he had the Brown Shirts killed or placed in labor camps and replaced by the Gestapo. The left does not want that fact to be revealed so they will just teach the 1619 Project and start U.S. history with the beginnings and the evils of slavery.

Didn’t I say above that I wouldn’t talk anymore about the Democrats? I can I stop? They are singularly the one most damaging and damnable problem in the year 2020. Which gets me back to the original subject: 2020 sucks! Neil Peart is dead, Covid-19 has ended normalcy, we can’t worship God with any amount of regularity, the Democrats are destroying the country, and now … I have started a blog. What a rant! And the election hasn’t happened yet (or at least Election Day has not arrived)

That leads me to one last thing about 2020. We won’t know who the next President will be on Election Night, nor the next day, nor the next and probably not the next week. Mail in balloting is the big deal (at least for Democrats) for obvious reasons that a child could figure out. Even if Trump is ahead the day after the election by 10 to 20 million votes, the Democrats will say: “Not so fast!!’ But if Biden is ahead, even by as little as a hundred votes, they will be screaming for Trump to concede. In the end, though, if Biden does win, he will be President for just a few weeks. He will get to put his signature on some piece of life-altering legislation that will be touted as a nation-saving act, and then he will be “2-5ed” out. Kamala Harris and Biden’s cabinet will use the 25th Amendment to bring about his retirement and the most liberal senator in the 115th and 116th Congresses will become President. Then, we will be taxed and regulated beyond any other time in history, many will lose their homes and livelihoods and encouraged to become dependent on the government. And gun owners will be prosecuted more severely than those who steal guns, use them in the commission of felonies or even murder, rape or pillage with them. If Trump wins the presidency, the civil war commences and this pastor will have to wear Kevlar bullet-proof vests, carry a gun and be prepared to kill in defense of his church and its people, because Evangelicals are seen as Trump’s number one supporters and to the far-left, uber-left, Progressives and Communists, “they must be destroyed.”

Call this a conspiracy theory, hyper imaginative, the ramblings of an overactive scaredy-cat or just plain bull. But one thing is for certain, this year – 2020, is the worst year in my life and it all started when everybody forgot by 65th birthday!

Oh, and by the way: I got a great night's sleep last night (unlike the night before)! Thanks goes out to Benadryl.

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