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for October 6, 2020

A Tuesday Muse

Well, wouldn't you know it. My wife, Janice, took a look at this website last evening after coming home from work. She liked the Home Page and the Photos page (so far). The About Me page got a raised upper lip of semi-approval. But then, she read yesterday's Rant! The first thing she said was "John, the people from church are going to read this."

"So?" I asked.

"So, you don't think they will disapprove of your complaints about children not calling you on your birthday? Or, about your down-in-the-dumps losses you recounted for the year? How about you calling the Democrats "bastards'; blaming Democrats for the destruction of America; or calling them Communists?"

"Why would you think that?" I asked.

"Oh, never mind! Go ahead! You know we have at least one Democrat in the church and she won't be happy with your comments."

I told Janice that this particular church member won't read any of these tropes because she knows that I rant all the time and is smart enough to know this is how I "get it all out of my system." Thanks be to web blogs.

OK, so who reads these writings and rants? Send me an e-mail and let me know. Even if you only read bits and pieces.

Now, today is Tuesday (as you can see from the top of this article) and I have just come home from work. My Tuesday work schedule consists of dragging my keister out of bed earlier than usual, fed the dogs and cats their breakfast, prepare a light breakfast for myself, take my vitamin supplements then get in the car, and drive the 22 miles to the office. Maybe stop off at Wawa on the way and get a coffee or latte (which I did today). I get to the office, spend a few moments laying out the secretarial duties for my assistant and prepare a sermon for Sunday, PowerPoint the lyrics to the music and my sermon outline and put a final hours' worth of preparation for our Tuesday Afternoon Bible Study.

In addition, some "busy" work was added to my schedule for the rest of the week as the Church's insurance agent laid out a sixteen page questionnaire and analysis that needed to be filled in or we face a cancellation. They need complete details about the building and its contents right down to the number of knives and forks in the kitchen drawers, details concerning the number of employees from their names, addresses and ages to their annual pay and any other remunerations they receive; the number of volunteers we have and the work or duties they perform (described in detail), the names of those who work with or even speak to children under the age of eighteen and whether they have had a complete background check (criminal, financial and otherwise); and, of course, a complete analysis of me as the pastor, the regular and special duties I perform, my criminal and financial background entries, right on down to my credit ratings from all three credit bureaus! They ask about whether we have had any threats, written, called in, text, e-mail or otherwise; what type of threats they were (crazy gun toting idiot wanting to shoot up the church; Terrorist threat from someone saying they will bomb the church; BLM or Antifa threats of any kind of attack?)

Anyway, this will take about a week to go through with a fine-tooth comb and really, they will accept nothing less. The church used to have volunteers or even the paid Financial Secretary would take care of this stuff, but in the last two years, it has fallen on me since the Insurance Company has added ten extra pages of DETAILS. I am not a detail-oriented person. If I were, I wouldn't have time to blog, as detail-oriented individuals focus on one thing at a time and usually only that one thing get attention until it is all completed. Detail people usually cannot walk and chew gum at the same time. I am concept oriented. I get "the big picture." I see a lot of things at once and try to work one as many as I can and try to finish more projects in a day or week as I can. Details just set my soul in a flame of acid.

Needless to say, I will be working on this questionnaire for the next week. I know the knives and forks are not made of real silver, but are they made of chrome, nickel, aluminum. I have to find out. The insurance people want to know. And since they want to know everything about me now (they did ask too much in the last nine years - since I have been there) I have been searching for the answer box to the question of how many times a day I use the men's bathroom, or if I use the men's or the ladies'.

I blame Democrats for this. They are collectivist overseers who want to know everything about your life from your eating habits, to your favorite restaurant, to the number of miles you put on your car each week, to how many times a week me and my spouse have sex or if we don't, the Democrats want to know which one is the iceberg or if there is a physical defect keeping us from being a "normal" intimate couple. Democrats pass the dirty work of collecting this personal information to insurance companies, news reporters, internet hackers who get into your financial records, next door neighbors, the CIA, Homeland Security, or any other person or persons taking orders from them.

Enough about Democrats! I did a number on them in yesterday's screed.

Tuesday Bible Study went a half-hour longer than usual. Think about this one: The study was on the 7th Commandment which an illustrative Bible story from II Samuel 11 on David's sin with Bathsheba. Yep, you got it! Six 65-year-old and up people, sitting around the table discussing adultery. I didn't schedule this lesson. It was the next on in the lesson books we purchased! I am not going into what all was discussed and the questions and/or comments the attenders had, but it was the longest Bible Study I have had with this group since it started last year. All of the contributions and questions were pertinent from the meaning of adultery (in the Hebrew, the word used in Exodus means "any illicit sexual act committed by a person or persons outside the boundaries established by God - from bestiality, necrophilia, homosexual, heterosexual, etc.) to the now-accepted abnormalities our culture today allows. Now, we six old people will go out and when asked what you talked about in Bible Study today, we will all say: "We talked about sex." We should have a better crowd next week.

My dog, Reggie, is old and I think he has something wrong with his digestive system. He is constantly drinking water and then throwing it all up. If he eats then drinks (or the other way around) he goes and throws up undigested food and a ton of water. I came home today and in five minutes he drank about a half a pint of water, went outside to pee and came back in to throw it all up in the living room floor. The food from this morning's breakfast was undigested and came up with it. It literally took 3/4's of a roll of paper towels to clean up all the mess. To add more gore, he had a second blow of groceries in his kennel and I had to clean that up and put his kennel pad in the washer. Maybe he has developed a high-adle hernia like I have; probably out of sympathy for me or for some sick reason like him trying to be like me.

I love that old dog. He has about 15% of his vision left, cannot hear low tones and sleep all the time. I know my time with him is limited and he is getting creaky in his walk. He has been faithful to me and never lets me out of his sight. He had a "sister" who, I believe, near her death communicated to Reggie that she wanted him to take her place and keep me company. Since Princess passed in September of 2016, Reggie has never once failed to live up to that commitment. He is getting very slow though and he won't be leaving behind one to pass the baton to. There will be two cats and that is it! Cats don't do that sort of thing with humans. They look at you, ask where their next meal is, run you off the bed because you did your job by getting it warm for them and then they expect you to clean their litter box for them. They own the place, they just let their humans live there to serve their every need. Dog are loyal and loving. Cats look at you and wonder "Why is he here?"

By the way, you can see the animal portion of my family in the photo section, including a few with my loving Princess. Just click here for a quick jump to them.

I am going to stop now and post this, because Janice has supper almost ready to be placed on the table. The day is not over, and I am sure there will be some discussion at the table that will set me off and I may need to come back to rant some more. I will make one promise to you, here and now: I will not make these daily diatribes like a diary. I never kept a diary. Except for one period of time when I was seeing and Counselor (yeah, I once needed a Shrink), he asked me to "journal" my thoughts and routine. It lasted about three weeks. I promise that I won't do that to you, but you will know what is on my mind when I write. Just make sure that each time to come here to see what is up with me that you wear your seat belts and a protective helmet.

Later ...

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