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for October 7, 2020

More About Reggie, Love and Hate

As I was saying in yesterday’s missive, I am worried about my dog Reggie. Last night, we had to take him to the animal emergency center known as “The Cove” as he was walking very slowly with his back arched downward which we thought was a sign of abdominal pain. Because he was throwing up all the water he drank, we naturally came to that conclusion. The vet at the Cove said it was muscular and skeletal, mostly around the hip and the right shoulder. They kept him for about five hours but spent less than an hour with him. Wouldn’t you know there were three emergency situations triaged as more intensive than Reggie’s, so we waited and waited.

Because of Covid-19, animal owners are restricted to stay in their cars and the technicians come out to pick up the dogs or cats while their owners sweat it out, worrying about their little children. The vet and her assistant kept us posted as to when they were getting around to working with Reggie, the test they needed to conduct, the results, treatment administered and then, the results. He also has a complete blood workup and it was found that his white blood count was elevated and he was slightly anemic He was given three prescriptions: one for pain, one a muscle relaxant and one for the mild seizures that he has had a couple of times in the last year.

He slept well over night as we were allowed to take him home. But when we woke around 5:30, he was stirring, and we thought he was ready to go out and do his business. Obviously, I had to carry him out, but he could not stand on his hind-legs. Also, he favored his left front foot and as such was good only on one leg. Needless to say, he couldn’t pee that way, nor have a bowel movement. But his stomach had nothing on it at this juncture, so a B-M wasn’t going to happen. He drank about 6 laps of water and that was it! He was in pain again. We couldn’t give him his meds as we were instructed to give them to him with some food in his stomach. He did not eat.

I sent Janice to work and I stayed home today to keep watch over Reggie. After three attempts to get him to eat and drink, I began to worry about dehydration which could result in the kidneys shutting down. I called our regular vet, and they had an opening – 20 minutes from the time of my call. I changed my clothes and whisked the little guy out the door and to his doctor. His regular vet was off for the day, so he saw her colleague, Dr. Smith. He had the records from the night before and, knowing that Reggie was dehydrated, he administered IV-fluids with a pain medication. He also did a CAT-Ray scan from a different angle than the one last night and he discovered no blockages, no problems with any discs along the thoracic and lumbar region, but that he has hip dysplasia and a small place which he said he was sure was rheumatoid arthritis. He said the pain alone would make any pet or person turn away from eating and drinking.

We got home about ninety minutes ago (from this writing) and Reggie is resting - still not peeing or eating – YET!?!?,

Reggie is a trooper, a fighter. But one wonders how old a dog gets before the fight gets to be too much. Regardless, we are not giving up. Why? Because he, like his sister before him, is my dear friend. He understands me. And he, like Princess, reminds me of what unconditional love is. This leads me to a topic which, I think, explains the difference between good and evil, right and wrong (left), worldly humanism and Christianity.

There are at least four types of love. The Greeks knew well that the various types of love serve the various social aspects of individual’s lives. There is what is called “Familial Love: or love between blood relatives. It is like a circle, anyone within that circle is the recipient of that love. The circle comprises your relatives, more especially your parents, children and grandchildren, not to forget your spouse.

There is the so-called “Brotherly Love”: best described as a reciprocal love. You give to the recipient because you have received from him. If you were to diagram this you would use an arrow which points in both directions, between you and the recipient, thus <--->

The third type of love is called “Eros” from which we get the word erotic. Although it doesn’t always have to mean sexual. It is more of an emotional love which sparks the insula and the striatum portion of the brain, deep within the cerebral cortex between the temporal and frontal lobes. This type of love is best described as one that gives in order to receive. It has strings attached and most of the time the so-called strings use those which satisfies the giver of the love. You could diagram eros love with an arrow that points toward the giver of that love, thus <---

The fourth type of love is unconditional. Jesus and all Christians in the first few centuries of Christendom, called it Agape, or sacrificial love. It is one that gives and keeps on giving without strings attached. It is also the only type of love, or state of being that is controlled by the mind. You have to will it into practice. You cannot “fall” into this type of love, nor can you understand it and practice it to the fullest unless you understand and have accepted the sacrifice of Jesus. Coming from the mind, and not the heart or the emotions you could diagram it with the arrow pointing away from the giver and toward the recipient, thus --->.

Now, having given a lesson on love, let me go on to hate. Hate is always an emotion and is the opposite of agape love, not eros (which is what one may think). Eros is emotional and points inward, but so does hate. The difference is eros seeks to get something good out of the relationship. Hate seeks to destroy any relationship, not by walking away, but by inflicting pain, destruction, even death.

So now we come to the love-hate dichotomy. Agape (unconditional, selfless love) seeks the other’s highest good. Hate seeks to other’s demise. Am I making sense here? You see, I am merely and as succinctly as I can, explaining the difference between good and evil, moral and immoral, right and wrong (left). Highlight that word in the parenthesis, will you? Now close out all of your preconceptions and what the media is showing, telling and trying to reveal to you and think about that dichotomy for a second.

How many times do you see a conservative, or libertarian, or member of the Tea Party, or even a regular supporter of President Trump go out and burn down buildings, loot and pillage people’s businesses and homes, riot with Molotov cocktails, stab or shoot fellow humans, scream, curse and threaten others with bodily harm? Now, how many times do you see those either on the left or influenced by the left who do those things just mentioned and lie about and cover it up by blaming others?

This is just a thought and one that concludes with the observation that Love, real, true, unconditional love, comes from the mind and is willed. Hate comes from the emotions and feelings. Hence my favorite expression “Conservatives (the Right) think; Liberals (the Left) feel. The Right gives, the Left emotes.

My conclusion is simple: Only a moral and upright people can save the day. Those on the Left are characterized by immorality, hate, destruction, and death. This is why I believe that a Christian sins if he votes for and supports the Left. But, he can be forgiven! And in today’s world, all Democrats are on the Left. Do I think you will go to hell if you vote for the Left? Not really! But all on the Left and act out as the Left will go to hell. They do not know how to love!

As for my Reggie, he does not know how to hate. So I believe he is Conservative and will go to heaven! LOL

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