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for October 8, 2020

A Reggie Update -- I Need Sleep

Let me begin with an update to Reggie's situation. Although we are not out of the woods, he is doing much better. He is finally walking a bit, eating some and drinking water on his own. This is as of 3:00 pm this afternoon and coming after an all night and early morning pain session for the little guy, it goes without saying, neither Janice or I slept much last night.

I thank you for your thoughts and prayers, and so does the 14 year old mutt! BTW, thanks goes out to Dr. David Smith, Reggie's "fill-in" vet who bounced ideas on how to get solid food into Reggie without hainv to take him back everyday (at $400 a pop) and getting his appitite back. It's working!

As of 7 pm, Reggie is eating in moderate amounts, is taking a few meds, drinking water from time to time, and took his first poop in two-and-a-half days. Of course, he didn't have much on his stomach since Tuesday morning.

He is taking a nap in the den where the TV is and I think both Janice and I will try to watch some, but I am sure we will both fall off into la-la land.

I was going to address a very important topic today, but to do so now, without more than 3 hours of sleep over the last 36 hours would make this blog seem very incoherant. So, let me make this one brief and take up that topic in tomorrow's article.

Goodnight, or if you are reading this in the day time, "Good day."

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