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for October 12, 2021


Just five people showed up for Bible Study today. It was less than half of those we had last week, but two better than the week before when we had a brief lesson and held what was planned off until we could have more people present.

Today, I taught the lesson that I prepared. I cut no corners and I decided that if only one person shows up when we resume in two weeks, I am going to teach it like fifteen or twenty folks are there. If I go through the work to prepare a lesson and few or only one or two show up, I am no longer going to save it for later. Those who don't attend just miss what was to be taught; simple as that!

I am ready to get away! As I have written in the last two blogs and iterated in several over the last three weeks, I am tired, despondent and ready to scream at these people. What I would scream varies between chastising them for their lack of commitment to that challenge to prove they love the Lord. Seriously, I often wonder if they love Him when it is convenient, or are they just not taking their priorities seriously.

The last couple of nights have had misty or light drizzle conditions which kept me from spending time out on the deck. Tonight is another one of those situations. It won't be that way tomorrow. It is supposed to be sunny, not any clouds other than possible high cirrus type clouds, not mist, no drizzle, no rain. And with the sunny sky and southerly winds comes higher temperatures and the dew points will hit 70 tomorrow. That means SUMMER IS BACK!

The good thing is that I can sit on the deck for sure tomorrow night which will be the last night before Janice, Reggie and I leave for our vacation. While we are gone - sometime around Sunday, the temperatures are finally supposed to drop to day time highs in the sixties and nightly lows in the low 50's. That means that while we are gone, Autumn weather will come slipping in here as if to give me the middle finger while I ride away to places where it is already cool and fall-like.

As I have said before, I love going out on that deck at night, listening to some music and thinking; one or both cats around me and sometimes Reggie sitting or laying in my lap. When I return, I am sure my son Brad will be joining me, maybe not always but on some nights when the mood strikes him. He has a lot on his chest and is very much over his head in sorrow. He is "giving up" his chosen profession. He is going to try something else.

I talked with Brad earlier this evening and he had been crying. He is making an earth-shattering move, but one that he is determined to face and win. He turns 40 this Saturday, the first day of his unemployment. But he will be going back to school, he will have a couple of job offers immediately here as there are those who are seeking help, but he will not be cooking, catering or preparing meals, nor will he be in a supervisory position and have to oversee people under him. He is burned out! Boy, have I been there before!

He needs his family right by him - a moral support team who will encourage him, offer him advice and listen to his concerns, his cries for help and love. I look forward to him coming and living with us. It is going to be a challenge for me only in so far as I have very little in the way of encouragement that I can offer him. I, too, want to quit and do something else. But, I am saying that now. Who knows how much positivity a vacation can inject into my thought processes. I hope it is enough to get me through Christmas to my next vacation which will be a "staycation" as I stay at home welcoming and hosting my oldest son and his family, along with Brad's two sons, Chandler and Wesley. It will mark the first time in thirteen years that I will have my two sons and all their children in my house over the Christmas holidays. I was with the whole family twice in the last two years at Bobby's place in Florida and one other time in Charleston about seven years ago. But to have the entire family here will be just phenomenal.

Janice always has her three sons and their children nearby. We have had Thanksgiving, Christmas and Super Bowl get-togethers seven years straight; not necessarily all three in the same year, but two of the three for certain each year. They will all be invited over as well and that means there would be as many as twenty-two folks celebrating Christmas dinner together. That would be her three sons and my two for a total of five - two of them married so that is two daughters-in-law; ten grandchildren and if Timmy's two oldest daughters in South Carolina venture up that would make twelve. Two girl/boy friends and one fiancé, Janice and I make 22!

Yep, Christmas is going to be one for the books!

But, in the meantime, it is all about getting Brad down here, get him settled in, letting him regroup and just being there for him when he is ready to face the world again.

I am personally on vacation starting this evening. I will spend the day tomorrow getting some clothes washed and packed, Janice will get her packing done when she gets home from work tomorrow. Then, she will have one final choir practice and will come home and finish packing. We will leave town around 6 am Thursday. Yep! I am on vacation now! The last thing I want to think about is how few will show up this and the next Sunday for guest preachers, how many of the workers will be involved and come out to help in the services, and since we have cancelled Bible Study for next Tuesday, I will not waste a second wondering how few will be present when I return on the 26th. If it is just me, Davis and Bruce who show up, they/we will get a full dose of what I prepare. I am putting my care and concerns about the "job" behind me, not to think of it unless I get a call saying someone has dies. That has happened to me before, more than once. In fact, I was standing outside my daughter-in-laws birthing room listening to the first cries of my grandson Wesley when my phone rang and it was one of the funeral homes calling to ask if I was nearby and, upon telling them that I was in Charleston, SC, was told that I needed to come back home.

It happens, and it so happens that I could come back home and that I could go back and finish out the vacation with some days added to the original end date. But I still won't think about the church. I will be busy when they are supposed to be busy as I will be attending a church service to get preached to and edified since I don't get the feeding I desperately need. I am too busy feeding others who often times spit it out. Not all of it, but much of it, or they out and out refuse to eat by missing the meal altogether.

Ah, the life of a Preacher/Pastor. I want to go back to radio! Like Eddie Money sings: "I wanna to back, and do it all over, but I can't go back I know!"

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