John Corson's Blog

for October 13, 2021


Well boys and girls, I am officially on vacation and Janice and I will be leaving before the crack of dawn headed out and away from civilization (or at least most of civilization) as we first will bed down in Morgantown, West Virginia and the next day, survey the fall foliage. We would be surveying it as we drive to Morgantown, but I can't ride and admire the scenes since I will be driving. Janice will not drive my car because of all the bells and whistles it has and it intimidates the hell out of her.

So she will enjoy the scenes while I keep my eyes on the road and guarantee the safest trip I can. My car does have automatic cruise with hands free steering so I can admire the scenery, but the first time I am caught, especially in the mountains, without my hands on the wheel, I will get read the riot act, but good.

I spent most of the day washing clothes and packing for the trip. I also had my house power washed, gutters cleaned and new gutter guards installed by a company owned by my brother's grandson. He has done some work for me before and is very reliable. They did a good job of the power washing as it took them five hours. The north side of my house is a treasure trove for mold, mildew and other green crap to grow. It needed it badly and is getting to need power washing every six months. I blame that on the moisture of our high dew points of late around this area of the country.

Janice got off from work early and she has been washing some of her clothes as well. She has just left for choir practice and when she gets home, she is officially on vacation. She will finish doing her packing when she gets back. She is really looking forward to this trip as well.

When we get to Brad's apartment, we will just settle in and help him box some items. He told me last night that he had already packed half of his stuff. He got boxes from his work last week and started packing as he is in a hurry to start his new life. He just may be finished doing the major boxing of his belonging by the time we get there. We don't plan on arriving at his place until around 6 pm as I want to take my time viewing the foliage. I will have to make a few stops, obviously, since - well, you know - Janice won't drive my car.

Saturday is Brad's birthday and neither he or us have been to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame museum in Cleveland. So, that being the case, we will go there and perhaps just tour a little bit of the city and celebrate his birthday with a very nice dinner.

Sunday we will attend First Christian Church in Canton, the church where one P. H. Welshimer used to preach from 1902 until his death in 1957 and grew that church into one mega church. I just want to go if only to say that I worshipped with that church once in my life.

Monday it is on to the NFL Hall of Fame there in Canton and then, afterwards another outing for dinner.

Tuesday, Brad picks up the moving truck and we load everything up and into it. We just may get finished in time to start back home, but we will definitely stop somewhere along the way, perhaps, back in Morgantown. Maybe we will just take our time getting back as Brad doesn't have to have the moving truck turned in until the end of day Friday. I think we all want to get back by Thursday Evening so we can rent a storage unit and get whatever stuff he needs in storage done.

I also plan on going back out, if only to some hole in the wall place near Roanoke  or Charlottesville so that I can meditate and see some peace and quiet for a couple of days. I need that more than anything. I should be back home Sunday night.

Yep! It's vacation time. I am going to stop now and relish these few days. I will write more when I get back for good which will be Monday, October 25th.

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