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for October 2, 2021


There has been a lot of water cast over the dam during the last twenty-four hours. In fact, since Thursday night there have been two death, associated with church members. They were a married couple who died within 42 hours of each other and were the parents of my media director at church. There have been three people to fall during the last week; two others hospitalized and then ... there is the matter of my youngest son in Ohio.

I have written about his crisis on a couple of occasions with the gist being found in the rant from August 10 and August 19. From working over 100 hours a week, but down to 65, it never got lower and the amount of catering the University President is demanding of him and his few workers is excruciating.

Let me start with a phone call I got this morning about 10:00. After spending half the night awake with Reggie's issues of being in pain from what, we don't know; not eating, refusing the walk, etc. I was sitting on the couch with him, calming him down and trying to get him to eat a little something. Brad calls to tell me he is resigning his position as Executive Chef and leaving the business. He is over-worked, under staffed and doesn't have reliable workers with those hired from the temp agency. It seems that once he gets the temp workers trained, they go on to other things. Many of them are working with the agency as a condition of their parole or probation and are moved around by the agency as quickly as they are trained for the jobs they go into. Brad is constantly in training mode, overseeing the kitchen help, has to be his own pastry chef (since they can't find anyone willing to work it), and, as is so often the case with many employers, cannot find anyone will to work for %15.00 an hour when the Federal Government is still paying people roughly $17.00 an hour not to work. How can you compete?

Brad told me he has to do this as it has caused him to take up drinking and smoking again and he said he needs to get into rehab ASAP or he will be getting drunk every night. So Janice and I are taking him in. The vacation we are taking starting Thursday the 14th will turn out to be a  pack and move week. Oh, Boy!

Then, I get calls from a friend of his, also from his oldest son, Chandler and my oldest, his brother Bobby! They are so thankful that Brad is leaving Ohio. With him being out there by himself and working so many hours, they all say he is vulnerable.

So, all afternoon long I have been in a study and find mode. Brad still has a year left on his G.I. bill for schooling and a year of housing he can use too. He wants to go back and pick up training on HVAC and I know of a guy who owns a company where Brad can get some hands-on training while taking classes. Also, his step-brother, Timmy has two friends who own their own Heating and Air Conditioning companies who may be able to give him a leg up.

Brad has truly had it rough. Throughout his life he has had to come from behind on just about everything he has pursued. As a Senior in high school, he was unjustly accused of threatening harm to his Spanish teacher when he was scribbling in his notebook that someone should kill Mrs. ______.  When told that his locker was searched and that notation was found, he was expelled and had to complete his required subjects at an exchange school in Virginia Beach. He couldn't mark in his graduation and was forever banned from coming on school property. That could be rescinded by the school board if he petitions like when his kids are in school and participating in an event at which parents are urged to attend. But that didn't apply to Brad as his kids grew up in Charleston, S.C.

He was very smart and an A student in Physics and Chemistry and when his Navy recruiter saw that he was encouraged to become a mineman and an Explosives Ordinance Device remover. Funny how those fellows all turned out to drink, divorced and/or commit suicide after years of messing with explosives. Brad was the only one in his group who didn't leave after maneuvers and field practices were completed for the day and go home to drink himself silly and smack his wife around. He had it bad there when his rate was closed and he was told he would never get in more than twelve years as it was virtually impossible for a Mine Man to get promoted to First Class. So, after nine years, Brad got out, spend two of his G.I. bill years in culinary arts school and he went out to do what he has always loved to do. That is to creatively cook and prepare food. First, he worked in a fine dining establishment, one of the most prominent and well-known restaurants in the Charleston area. Then he went on to be chief food preparer for Whole Foods, then finally landing a position with Sudexo Food Services where he first worked as Food Service Manager at the Citadel and then as Executive Chef first at the University of Wyoming and now in Canton, Ohio. He has devoted ten years of his life to being an artist and indeed there is an art to being a fine dining chef. All of that chemistry and physics did pay off.

But now, he is chucking it! And everyone I have talked with agrees that he should. So, I am backing my son 100% and whatever he needs that I can do for him, I will do it. He has had two marriages fail. The first lasted for almost sixteen years, but there were three separations during that time. The second marriage did not last more than nine months. Brad will admit that most of the things that brought on the separations and divorces are of his doing. As he was going through his high school years, he lived with me and Janice and never saw in Janice someone who could "fill-in" for a mother or a mother-figure. Sometimes, that has a way of coming back to haunt you. In both of his marriages he was seeking a mother figure, while at the same time, wanted to be the head of the house. He couldn't make it work out for himself or for his marriages. There were times when, in the midst of all the yelling and screaming that went on between Brad and Cynthia (his first wife and mother of his two sons) that Chandler, their oldest, would intervene and try to talk sense into both of their heads. I was down visiting them on one occasion and that very thing happened. There was Chandler trying to reason with two grown-ups who would not given in or listen to each other. Chandler was the grown-up and the poor boy at the time was only a Freshman in high school!

Anyway, all of that is in the past and so I have spent the better part of the day today, working on the plan and getting ready to ease Brad's transition. I don't think it is going to be a rough time for us at all. I just hope that Brad's complete change in vocation doesn't come as a culture shock to him because, like I did once, he is giving up something he loves. It takes a toll as there are many times, like on most Sunday afternoons, that I want to go back into radio broadcasting.

I usually save the Saturday muses for thoughts over the next day and how I dread going into Sundays. I will have a few regulars out tomorrow, but in a funny sort of way the news of Brad's return home is a very welcome diversion to my concerns over church services. So, there is that.

Now, as for Reggie. He is eating a little more this afternoon and is still in some kind of pain. He needs to have pain medication and so I will have to call the vets first thing on Monday to see if I can get him into one of the two emergency slots they usually leave open each day. If I call at 7:59, I will get a recording telling me the office is not open. If I call at 8:01, it is guaranteed that those two slots will be filled. So, like being the first or second caller in order to win $1000 in a radio contest, that is what I will be doing Monday morning. He just needs to be accessed for the pain, as to whether it is muscle related, bones, arthritis or maybe something worse. I think all the shaking (as if he were cold), panting (as if he were hot) and walking around in circles (as dogs are prone to do when they are nervous or feeling irritable) can be brought to an ease if we can get him on a relaxant of some sort.

Here is hoping for a calmer evening and night than the one we had last night!

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