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for October 3, 2021


Well? How did it go? How was Church today? Was anybody there, and if so, were there just a few? Average? Many?

Here goes ... the news that all my two faithful readers who surf over to these pages at least once a year anxiously look forward to.

Church was ... Church. A gather of a few dozen folks who can't tell you why they are there other than it is the right thing to do and that they love the Lord. I wish they would, or even could, say they are there to learn more about the Bible and God's will for their lives, but at least they are there and they think it is good. But not everybody who are members there think it is good. Some see church attendance as a burden. Honestly, I just as soon that they stayed at home rather than be out and making misery for someone else who attended to be doing their weekly service.

It started out with Janice and I having to drive separately. That was because Janice was still working to get over her allergies and she still sounds like she has large marbles up in both her nostrils and a clothes pin on top of her nose, blocking the marbles in. You see, we were invited over our resident "Social Butterfly's" house, along with several others, to have lunch out on her deck and Janice was feeling up to it. Harriet, the "Social Butterfly" would hear any of it. Unless Janice is in the hospital on a ventilator with Covid, or laying dead at the funeral home, she was still welcomed, urged and strongly encouraged to come and eat. As the pastor, I couldn't even be dead and miss it. So, we went. We enjoyed it, but Janice could leave early since she drove her own car. I couldn't. Harriet needed me to stay and work on her computer. GREAT!

I was able to get out of it as she had her P.C. under warranty and if I were to cut the tape across the back to get inside of the unit, I would void the warranty. Would you believe it that she has the same message come up on the screen when I booted it up that my secretary had on hers. "No signal!" That could mean any number of things and opening the case was a guarantee and I told that she could have to pay for parts plus my time when she can have it all taken care of for free with her warranty in tact. Honestly, I would still be there (now three hours later) were it not for that.

I arrived at church knowing that my media man would not be there and hoping that his back up was. Thank goodness that was the case. I was busy doing my thing in setting up the video recording the service and arranging things around so that we could partake of communion in a more orderly manner than before. We have reverted back to using the pre-made communion elements since we have no kitchen at this juncture (due to construction) and therefore no place to store the bread and juice used for the Lord's Supper. There were other minor preparations and then it was on to the worship service.

We got through the two songs, the Prayer requests and the time for the prayer, and then I switched out with the media team backup so he could sing with the choir. I ran the slides, Dave sung and that was that. Or was it?

After the song the choir comes down to sit in the audience, so as to make the attendance look better, ya know. As the ladies were coming down, one turned her foot at a step coming down from the second row and fell on her face and, as it turned out, sustained a big blue colored bruise on the top of her face at the base of her hairline. That, was on video. I immediately had to video shut down and we didn't record the rest of the service for all of the confusion. Barbara was OK in the end, but there were those who were really upset for her. Her husband, who was sitting near the back row, came running up and calling her name. We checked her vitals and she was conscious, and several people were already pulling out their phones to call the rescue squad. She hollered out that she didn't want an ambulance, and her husband told everybody that he was taking her to Urgent Care first, since the E.R. is permanently full of Covid or covid-rearing folks. She got checked out and was sent home with an urgent appeal to get to the emergency room is she started getting a headache.

After everything settle down and Barbara was gone, we got back to normal in the service as it took me a few moments to get "into the groove" of the message, which, I must admit, turned out to be better than I ever thought I could make it. We have a new member too! Steve McCord joined the church this morning as he has been attending for the last two and a half years. He has had a lot of commitments, along with the uncertainty of covid related issues like he self-quarantined at least three times in the last fifteen months. The attendance was the same at the last two weeks! Well, actually the same as two week ago, as I found out today that we had two less last week than we thought. It seems there was a miscount.

Overall, we had some good spirits, despite the confusion of Barbara's fall, and the offerings we about $800 off for the first Sunday of the month. Why? You ask. Well, it seems that one of our biggest donors check went out a day or so late and so, next Sunday's offering will be higher than normal for the second Sunday.

You know what? I would love to sit here and type a rant, but I really don't feel like it. It seems that the day has already gotten away from me and with the sun setting even earlier these days as we fast head toward shorter days with sunlight, I want to get out and just lounge around. It is a little warmer than usual. The temperatures are around 85 and yes, the dew points are going up. We may have some rain this week, and boy do we need it. We are over 5-and-a-half inches below normal and as I watched the weather forecasts since Wednesday this is what I saw:

From Wednesday: Looking ahead to next Tuesday and Wednesday, we have first a 40% change of rain on Tuesday and a 50% change on Wednesday.

From Thursday: Looking ahead to next week, we will have some much needed rain with a 40% chance of rain on Tuesday, 50% chance on Wednesday and 60% chance on Thursday.

From Friday: Next week will bring us some showers with a 40% change of showers on Tuesday, 60% chance on Wednesday and Thursday and about a 50% chance on Friday.

From Yesterday: We will see some off and on again rain showers throughout the week, with a 20% chance of rain Tuesday, 40% Wednesday, and about a 40% chance of rain on Thursday and Friday and a slight chance of a shower on Saturday.

This morning - here is the forecast: May see a little rain on Tuesday, with a 30% chance of showers on Wednesday and a 20% chance of isolated showers on Thursday and Friday and a return of sunshine on Saturday.

You see a pattern here? It was looking good until yesterday and now with today's forecast it doesn't look like we will have much rain, if any.

Tomorrow: I wouldn't be surprised to see Part Cloudy or Partly Sunny skies predicted for the entire week with no day above a 25% chance of rain. Translated: Less than a tenth of inch of rain will fall here in Western Branch of Chesapeake all this week.

WE NEED THE RAIN, folks! Will we get it? I don't know. Since I love a rainy day, I doubt it since I rarely get what I love except on very special occasions. And it hasn't been special much these days.

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