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for October 4, 2021


I don't know what my problem is. I let time get away from me right on up until close to midnight.

I started the day early by getting up and calling to request a vet appointment for Reggie so that he could be looked at, examined and get a prescription for his joint pain. The vet also had to rule out any other possibilities for his pains, including tumors, broken bones or pulled muscles. She also did a blood test to check his kidney levels, which have been slightly compromised in the past and was a cause for concern this time last year.

Reggie also has some teeth that need to be extracted but that would require putting him under sedation and at his age we don't want to try that so she gave me some anti-biotic to help with any gum infection.

That little doggie has gone through the ringer the last twelve months. But he is a trooper and he keeps hanging on. I often cry, and sometimes pretty hard, over him. I know he has body pains and that he seems to want to hang around for my benefit. He truly loves me, of that there can be no doubt. I don't want him to suffer. I have had that little talk with him a couple of times this past week. Of course he doesn't know what I am saying or talking about. But I would sit him in my lap on the back deck in the evenings and just talk about whatever comes across my mind. Usually it is the many times I wish I could go back into time - to those days when I lived in Maryland which were my happiest and most exciting times of my life.

But last Thursday night was the conversation about him and his ailments. I told him that he doesn't have to worry about me any longer. That it was wrong of me to ask him to hang around simply because I would be lonely without him. I also cried my eyes out then as well.

Well, back to my day: after the vet visit I had to make several phone calls to members of the church in order to check up on them. There was one to Barbara who fell coming out of the choir loft Sunday; there was another to the husband of a lady who is inactive but supports the church with her giving. She had her sugar levels drop to dangerous levels and fell unconscious at home and was taken by rescue squad to the E.R. She is in a room now and I needed to check up on her. I needed to check up on Victor - my media team leader who lost both of his parents last weekend. I could go on and on with the list of who I called but the most important calls were to Brad about his pending move back to Virginia.

Brad has been in Ohio for four months and during that time and the two years he spent in Wyoming, he never changed or registered his car in either state. His tags expired on September 30 and his driver's license expires on the 16th of this month - which is his 40th birthday. Both the car's registration and his driver's licensed were issued in South Carolina where he lived since 2006 until he moved to Wyoming in August of 2019. Well, we had to look and see if he could get his registration renewed in South Carolina (No) and if he could go online and renew his driver's license there as well. The answer to that is a big no as they have a new law requiring eye tests in person at each renewal. So my question is: How can you renew your driver's license online if you have to show up to take the eye test?

So Brad and I had to brainstorm, do some research and he just settled on taking the Ohio test and getting his license there, which he did this evening, and then, when he moves to Virginia in two weeks, he will just get his car registered here. Ohio requires the title holder to mail in a copy of the title before they will register it. The Virginia DMV merely needs the name and address of the title holder and they can get the rest of the information electronically sent to them so they can register his car in a day here.

Brad and I also worked out some details as to his renting a truck for the move, what he wants to sell there (or give away or throw away) and a storage facility here. On more details have come up since, but we will get it all figured out.

Then, came the Deacon's meeting. I had to be at church at 6:30 for an important meeting to go over nominees for key positions in the church. We didn't have a quorum. It was announced and re-emphasized, but one of our deacons did have an emergency regarding some farm equipment that required him to be away, a second deacon has to stay close to home as his wife is in serious condition with five or six issues ranging from neuropathy in her feet, to arthritis in her hands that have all but completed the crippling process. She sleep in a recliner in their den and Wesley (the deacon) is usually up three or four times a night tending to her needs. Then we had another deacon we could not get on his phone, either the house phone or his cell, which he has with him everywhere he goes. He even told several of us that he would see us tonight at the meeting but he was a "no-show."

I don't know what all the excuses were, but when you have regular meetings every other month on the first Monday of the month, you would think that you would at least have a quorum. We only need four present, but we had three, plus myself, and we couldn't proceed with decisions without that fourth. Oh, we could hear reports and find out where we are having our annual Deacons and Wives Christmas Dinner. Also, they could ask how many hands have I held over the last month, how many phone calls did I make to members, how many sick visits or calls, etc. To my Deacon chairman and one of the ones not there last night, that is the most important information that comes out of these meetings. Never mind, who the new members are, how many visitors came and if they came back, who is sick, how the building process is coming along, when the Christmas programs is going to be. Two these two men, whose wives control most of their decision making, what I do or don't do is more important.

I have had frank discussions about our "Deacon Family Ministry in which each Deacon has a few members entrusted to their care and to be contacted by the Deacon at least twice to three times a year, mainly a birthday card, anniversary card or single visit during the year, etc. I have pointed out that it is the Deacon's job to do hand-holding as well. That the Bible entrusts that ministry to them as in Acts 6:1-7. That my job is preaching, teaching, administering the ordinances of Baptism and the Lord's Supper and the oversight of all the spiritual ministry of the church. Yet, by default in about 90 percent or more of our churches, the Pastor does his job as well as the job of the Deacons. The same is true here. My point is, if the job of the Deacon is not being done, why have Deacons. To these two, if they were to just lay it all out there, they would say the Deacon's job is to make sure their job is being done one way or another and if not by them, then by me.

After a ninety minute meeting in which no action was taken and a lot of talking bounced across the table, we got to dismiss. The three Deacons headed for home and I stayed behind in the office to reboot all the computers and fix any networking problems that occurred as a result of a power outage earlier in the day. I got home late and I didn't want to immediately sit down to pen these words.

With all the sickness, falls, upcoming surgeries, deaths and other problems many of our members have, including those who feel lonely or sad, I have truly put in enough time speaking to, encouraging, visiting, calling and cajoling people to the point that I need some encouraging right now. But, alas, between Reggie's ailments, Brad's pending move back home and a vacation that is all but one day shot to heck, I have my hands full.

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