John Corson's Blog

for October 7, 2021


I haven't really wanted to blog recently. I actually forced myself to do so back on the 1st, 2nd and 4th of this month. When I sat down to make the last two blogs, I found that I was in a free-floating mind mood and could write about what was troubling me without having to pause.

For today's blog, I didn't bother to think about it. I did have a somewhat productive day at the office. Reggie went along with me and slept almost the whole five hours. I came home and ate a late lunch, then Janice came home and we just lounged around for a couple of hours.

I did my usual trek out to the back deck for about an hour and later came in to watch the premiere episode of Bull. Then, I went to bed.

It was not such a big deal for today and anything I did was just plain mundane. When things seem to be OK, why spend anytime thinking up things that may trouble you later or tomorrow? Maybe there will be more for Friday's blog.

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Blogs are about the blogger. It's as if he or she merely toots their own horns about the things they do, say and love.

My life is boring. I read, I watch Glenn Beck and Mark Levin. I listen to Andrew Wilkow. I engage in some conversation with those who are willing to listen (they being masochistic and enjoy killing themselves with my banter).

I plan on just laying out the things that bother me and the things I love. Nothing in-between. I hope you find whatever I put here amusing.