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for October 8, 2021


Well it was a busy day around the old house. It started with me rising from a very nice sleep only to have to take Reggie out for a pee. It was 4:30 am. Janice was already up and watching the early morning news and fixing herself a bowl of cereal. After Reggie did his thing, I scooped him up, took him inside to see if he wanted some water (which he declined) and then said "Goodnight" to Janice, when to her it was supposed to be "Good Morning and have a nice day!"

Reggie and I went back to bed and he had no problem getting back to sleep. I didn't either, but something woke me up around 6:30 and all I did from then until 8 was toss and turn.

When I finally got out of bed, I got dressed, woke Reggie and took him downstairs and through to myself: Why not go and get a couple of projects done? I was close to being on fumes, so I thought that I should go to WAWA and get some gas in the car and use my app so that I could take advantage of their .15 cents off special. Well, wouldn't you know they wouldn't take my WAWA credit card as an acceptable one to charge to and that was the only card I had on me. So, I thought that while I was there I would just fill up my lawn mower gas can since I was out and know that I would soon have to cut grass at least one more time before putting the thing to bed for the winter.

Then, I went back by Starbucks, got a latte for me and a "Pup Cup" of whipped cream for Reggie and went back home. I had a light breakfast as I would be eating lunch with my preacher friend Mark Reon at the Japanese Restaurant we like to frequent. That came about two hours later. Before meeting Mark I listened to Glenn Beck who on every Friday has Bill O'Reilly on and they go about 30 minutes or so talking about the big ticket items in the news. Of course, the U.S. Attorney General wanting to weaponize the FBI to go after rowdy parents at local school board meetings was a big topic. We keep hearing the word Gestapo thrown around to describe how Merrick Garland wants to go after those who don't want school board to push Critical Race Theory and Transgender studies on to their children.

Now we understand why the AG is doing this. It seems that his daughter's husband is a co-founder of an educational data mining company that promotes the tenets of CRT. His name is Alexander Tanner and he is co-founder and president of Panorama Education, a Boston-based software and analytical data services company that boasts its founders were once “student activists.” Panorama produces data mining surveys for schools, including “equity and inclusion surveys” and conducts “professional development” training in the areas of equity and inclusion for teachers and administrators.

So, in other words, Merrick Garland has a vested interest in going after those who don't align themselves with his son-in-law's findings and recommendations. Can you say: "conflict of interest"?

Then Glenn and Bill discussed the pronouncements of gubernatorial candidate and former governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe who, in his last debate with his Republican opponent Glenn Youngkin say that he didn't believe parents should have a say in their children's education and should not be allowed to voice disagreements at local school boards about the curriculum. That certainly didn't go over well with many who tuned in for the debate and has made for a great sound bit for Glenn Youngkin to use in his ad campaigns. I was glad to hear O'Reilly say that he doesn't think McAuliffe will win this election and that would be a big reason for his defeat. He also mention that Joe Biden's approval ratings are nearing the point where he would be considered the least effective President ever, even the least popular President since James Buchanan whose ineffectiveness brought the U.S. into Civil War - before Lincoln was inaugurated.

I would love to see the Democrats creamed in this year's election here in Virginia. The problem is the northern part of the state where it is 90 percent far-leftist running the show. The Democrats have ushered in hundreds of thousands of people from Left leaning states who bring their voting habits with them. Our current Governor is welcoming tens of thousands of refugees from Afghanistan who (they hope) will move onto the fast track to citizenship where they will be encouraged to vote Democrats. Tens of thousands of undocumented illegal immigrants are being bussed into the state as well and our governor is lovingly welcoming them in with additional freebies to supplement what the Federal government is providing them by way of welfare, free food, free education, free healthcare and on and on. You can almost here the voiced recordings at the bus stops and airports speaking in Spanish to these new arrivals and saying how welcome they are and given directions to the local Social Services offices to sign up for their benefits and reminded that they need to get on the fast track to citizenship and always remember that Santa Claus is a Democrat so vote for his party so you can have Christmas all the time.

The Democrat Party is just plan scandalous. It is evil, contemptuous and downright hypocritical. But, as was also discussed between Beck and O'Reilly, so are the leaders of the Senate GOP, especially Mitch McConnell who caved in to pull enough Republicans in the Senate out to bring about cloture and bring to a vote the raising of the debt limit ceiling. Why? So that the Democrats can pay those bills - you know, the ones that provide all those freebies to those who don't want to work because they can make more money sitting on their duffs than at a $15.00 an hour job?

Well, after the Beck-O'Reilly conversation, I watched an episode of Cheers and then it was time to go and meet Mark. I am worried about him. He doesn't look good, and I don't mean in a jovial way as I always tease him about his looks. He had a broken femur bone two years ago and was in rehab for that, getting out just a couple of days before the Covid-19 shut down in March of 2020. Then, he has had to go on dialysis for failing kidneys. Even though he can still make urine, he does need a kidney transplant and has been on the list for over a year now. A few months ago he broke his ankle/foot and it has not healed properly. Along with that he has had spells of weakness in his lower extremities and has been faint at times.

He worries me. Although he displayed his usual sense of humor while out on this social occasion, he ordered only rice, saying that his stomach can't take too much food as it has made him feel nauseous. This has been going on over the last six days, he said.

Mark has also been making frequent visits to his doctors and being married to a doctor, he is being closely monitored as his wife is on top of that situation. But, he just doesn't look well at all and he appears to have lost about twenty pounds in the last month. I was so glad to hear that he really has no problems getting out of the house when he needs to. He was using a walker yesterday for that ankle. But he had plans to take his wife out to see the new James Bond movie and I hope they had a good time. The Devil did enter me around 9:00 pm to text him and ask him how the movie was. I texted him later to see if they were at the scene where 007 was suspended over a bridge in chains, but I got no answer. I know, there was no such scene, but I was only annoying him while he was on a date. What are friends for?

Yesterday evening, Janice and I attended a viewing of Victor's mom and dad. They past away last Thursday and Saturday and are being buried this Saturday at noon. A couple of my Deacons and their wives were there at the funeral home and since we had already been there for awhile when they arrived, Janice and I left to go up the road to George's Greek Family Restaurant and reserved a table for six, waiting for them to arrive after their visit to the funeral home. Jimmy and Emogene Babb, Bobby and Shirley Crocker and Janice and I spent a good hour and a half in fellowship and eating a nice meal together and it was a good way to end a day for me.

It is Friday and, although I had nothing else to do or no place to go, we came home and awaited the 10:00 hour whereupon Blue Bloods appeared on TV. That show is always the highlight of our Friday and the show tonight was no disappointment. I just knew that sometime this season, Erin would be drafted or would announce that she was running for the Manhattan District Attorney's Office and her investigator got the ball rolling in this episode. I can't wait to see how that unfolds as I also sense that with the tension that is very apparent between Frank and the Mayor, I wouldn't be surprised that toward the end of this season that we hear of plans for Frank to run for mayor. If you were the producer of this show and you thought it was time to retire it, wouldn't it be fitting for Frank to be elected as Mayor?

I'm just saying.

All I can say about my day today is that it was a full one. The only bad highlight was receiving notice that the hospital was not going to receive payment for the labs I had done back on September 2 which totaled nearly $1140. I have good health insurance and Medicare is secondary. I should owe a penny, but when the health insurance declined to pay anything, Medicare didn't have proper information about my health insurance, thinking that I had a group policy through the surgery center where she worked rather than the hospital for whom she is employed, which owns the surgery center. It appears that Medicare understands the insurance part as being some sort of K plan and the letter said they wouldn't be able to process or pay any of the bill for the lab work and that I may be responsible for the entire bill.

Janice said, "Oh, NO!" Well, she knew who to call since she works for the hospital where I had my labs and that because she is employed they are supposed to have the labs checked there instead of Lab Corp. That was the first problem and that means they hospital had to eat the costs and pay Lab Corp. So, they "ate the bill" as they say. But back to Medicare, when I got a hold of a representative he noted that I seemed to have, or they have on record two group policies. One for where Janice worked (the place which is the Surgery Center located in Virginia Beach) and the other through the Hospital which is in Chesapeake and where she is employed. He had to walk the guy through the problem and he noted that he did see where the confusion came from and corrected the error. Now I have no K file (whatever the heck that is) and the correct group policy I am under through Janice has been resolved.

That was an hour that I thought I had to be prepared to argue, cuss, rant and throw things at, but all the issues were resolved without raising and eyebrow, much less my voice.

It is always a blessing to have a day that ends on nothing but happy notes and that is the way my Friday went.

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