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Writings and Rants from
October 2021

Oct 1 - Reggie is Sick Again Oct 2 - My Son is Moving Home
Oct 3 - It was an Interesting Sunday Oct 4 - No Rest for the Weary
Oct 5 - Looking Forward to the Past Oct 6 - Backing into the Future
Oct 7 - When Things Seem to be OK Oct 8 - A Day That Ends Just Right
Oct 9 - The Night Before Sunday Oct 10 - Priorities, or Lack Thereof
Oct 11 - A Question In Search of an Answer Oct 12 - Officially On Vacation
Oct 13 - Time to Get Out of Here! Oct 14 thru 24 - ON  VACATION
Oct 24 - Back, Rested & Tired! Oct 25 - My Final Day of Vacation
Oct 26 - Can You Count to Two?  


Here are my rants from October 2021. Just click on the buttons for whatever date or subject you want to read. Good luck! I hope that the subject material you read from doesn't make you want to go out and hang yourself. Each blog is intend to make you laugh and/or think.