John Corson's Blog

for September 1, 2021


I was supposed to go "hand-holding" today; that is, I was scheduled to perform my obligatory duties of seeing some of the elder folks in the church who are deemed in need of appeasement, conciliation or comfort and consoling. Acts chapter 6 says this is the job description for Deacons in the local church, but since we are a traditional old-line Baptist church, Deacons only meet to discuss the problems and the Pastor is hired to fix them. Holding hands is therefore passed on to the Pastor and since ours is a church in a small community, the Deacons feel that a wave in the Food Lion parking lot, a "hell-o" in passing by at the Post Office or a hand shake at the local Dairy Queen is enough to qualify as "hand-holding" or better yet, they would say: "Hey, I made a contact!"

For my part, as with any small church pastor, people in the congregation believe that a personal visit means more than any one single sermon written, prepared and preached. It means more than all the business and committee meetings attended and the time to prepare for each. It means more than a song sung, a flower given out at church or a luncheon following the service.

I understand this sentiment. Really, I do. But I always ask: "What good did my visit do spiritually?" I know if helps emotionally. I know that if we discuss things of importance that it may help mentally too. My visits fill a void. And, in the case of some, it helps put a brighter disposition on life for them.

Anyway, I was supposed to do this very important task today and I decided not to. Yes, that's right! I put it off until tomorrow. "Why?" You ask. Because I just didn't feel up to it. Hey! I know this is a regular reason for many in the church to miss services. They will make up all kinds of excuses from, busted finger nails, to a sister in Oklahoma running over a cat on the street and crying about it. (After all, the sibling has to stay home from church and sympathize and cry right along with the sister, right?)

I went to have lab work done today in preparation for my annual visit to my Primary Care Physician. I like to get those done early so she will have time to look them over and prepare to address any concerns she may have during my visit. After doing that I had intended to visit a couple of people today, but I just decided as I was soon to make the turn to go either out to Windsor or to go home, to just go home. And here I sit, prior to 12:00 Noon writing these words, if only to get this out of the way for the day.

You know, like I have said before in these pages, my life is so similar to the literary and movie character Jesse Stone. Jesse would say, "I'm just a small town police chief, I mostly give out parking tickets." Well, I'm just a small church pastor, I mostly hold hands. What both of these saying mean is: "Big Whoopee!"

I told my best pastor friend, Mark Reon, that I don't think that I was called to be a Pastor, but was called to pastor a church. Without explaining this, I merely said that if God was calling me to do that job, he did so through the church and not in a personal manner. He said I needed to re-examine my purpose in life. I didn't tell him this, but I had already done that. And these blog pages, over the last eleven months, have helped me to do just that. I was supposed to be a radio broadcaster! It is in my blood! I have only been happy doing that. I consider it the hobby that paid me to love it.

Isn't that what Mark Twain once said? Oh yeah, it went like this: “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” I think he borrowed that from Confucius.

I did have such a job and, with the exception of being let go, I enjoyed it immensely. John Engle said something similar. He said to "follow your passion and you will never work a day in your life."

One thing is for certain, if I were to follow my passion I would starve to death for developing and running an online radio station is not profitable and I would love to do that. And as for finding the job of my enjoyment, well let's just say they are not out there anymore for if you were to watch your local news, or listen to your local radio station you will hear and see mostly women, or people of color. I am not spewing sour grapes, merely stating a fact. Check it out. I have been either swept aside or laid off in favor of women more than any other people. In fact, I was doing a job that, when laid off, required my employer to hire two women to do the job I singularly performed. Of course, they paid them, together, less than what I was making and justified it as job description change and less experience levels.

I truly wish my hobbies would pay me a livable wage. It would be more than great. As it is, the vocation that pays me doesn't work my body to the bone. Rather, it consumes my mind and emotions as I have to play the role of the ultimate care giver.

Well, enough of my vain wishes for one day.

So, what do I really want to say today? Well, since this is the first of the month I have decided to acknowledge this by announcing that I am changing the course and purpose of these blogs. From here on out, I will just talk about what is on my mind. Instead of giving you a recap of my day, and using this as a rag dealing with my boredom, I thought that talking about those fleeting thoughts that run through my mind would be good therapy. I know that may mean I may be excoriating Progressives and Marxists everywhere. Or, I may harangue about the lack of participation and enthusiasm among the members of my church. Or, I could rave over my children and grandchildren and talk about their accomplishments. Or, sometimes I might drivel on about my mood swings (which I really don't have, but do switch attitudes based on how I wake up in the mornings).

In other words, nothing much is changing. I thought I would just yammer on about something. What are blogs anyway? Maybe it's about promoting and selling a product you believe in. Maybe its about awards you have won, or a project you are working on. Maybe it focuses on your hobbies, your family or your friends. A lot of time it is about life in general. My blogs lately have mostly centered around my contempt for those running the country, and my loneliness and despair living in a very uncooperative world.

Lighten up, Johnny!

I will stop now with the hope that I have more to contribute later. The day is still young and it looks like the clouds are thickening up for rain. That's always good for me. I like clouds and rain and what otherwise would be a hazy, hot and humid day. Give me the rain!

Ten minutes later ...

It's raining and the winds are picking up! We are having one of those "feeder bands" from the remnants of Ida moving through right now. It's not much to sing about, but it is here and I am going to lounge and bask in its presence.

Oh, in case you are wondering if I would expect regular or frequent visits from my pastor when I get old and decrepit, the answer is "NO" at least not until I am at death's door, or in the hospital facing critical surgery. I don't expect a pastor to come to my beckoning call and to expect that he knows I'm calling for him while not making any attempt to pick up the phone and call or text, or send an e-mail. It is a common thing for the average elderly person, who can get around town and come to church without too much trouble, to think that the pastor can read their minds telling him that he had better come and visit. If they don't tell me, how am I supposed to know they "need" me (they really just want me to stop by for a "listening" session).

Darn it! The rain stopped. Only 90 seconds of rain? Come back!!!

OK, I truly done now.

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Blogs are about the blogger. It's as if he or she merely toots their own horns about the things they do, say and love.

My life is boring. I read, I watch Glenn Beck and Mark Levin. I listen to Andrew Wilkow. I engage in some conversation with those who are willing to listen (they being masochistic and enjoy killing themselves with my banter).

I plan on just laying out the things that bother me and the things I love. Nothing in-between. I hope you find whatever I put here amusing.