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for September 27, 2021


I must say that the last few days have been gloriously magnificent! Weather-wise that is. Today, the temperatures got into the low 80's but the dew point stayed in the upper 50's so it was comfortably warm with a gentle breeze.

Before I gripe about anything, I have to say that yesterday evening, Janice and I sat out on the back deck for about forty minutes, talked and listened to the sound tracks of the music from the Jesse Stone movies on the Bluetooth speakers. I love this weather.

Later, after she went to bed (around 8:15) I went back outside. It was already dark and the temps had already dropped into the low 60s. MY TYPE OF WEATHER. Around 9 o'clock, I went inside to retrieve a jacket! This is great! You couldn't have asked for a better evening. I am looking forward to this evening because it is supposed to be about the same, maybe about three degrees warmer.

Well, as far as my day today is concerned, it started with getting Reggie "up and at 'em" as he was scheduled to have is grooming. We arrived just before 9 o'clock and he was shaking like a leaf in the wind. You see, he is scared of going to the Vet's office, which is where his groomer works as well. He thought he was going to see Dr. Harrell who would, as a routine, stick a thermometer up his butt which he abhors. But that was not going to be today, but how would he have known?

While Reggie was at his groomer's, I had to swing by the bank to make a deposit, then over to Sam's Club to pick up some bottled water, and other personal items and then to fill up with gas at their pumps. I also had to stop by Starbucks to pickup a Pumpkin Spiced White Chocolate Mocha as I have to order four big items before Friday or loose a number of reward stars on my Starbucks app. I always wait until the last week of the month to capitalize on my "freebies," using the first three weeks to build my collection of stars to use down the road. They are good for six months so I save them until they are close to expiring. I am using last March's 587 stars - good for four specialty drinks made anyway you want with any amount of espresso shots or pumps of flavoring. And any size too. I always take advantage of the most I can get without my brain spinning out of control and my blood sugar going through the roof.

I came home afterwards, stripped the bed and washed and dried the bed linens, cleaned the kitchen a bit and then worked on my sermon for Sunday. I got the background study done, did an outline of it and put some "meat" on its bones with the hope that I provide some inspirational information for the few who will be in attendance on Sunday. I also made my four slides for the PowerPoint presentation during the worship service, which is my contribution while the Secretary puts together the lyrics to the songs and the other items we use in the service. She will work on that tomorrow, I am sure, as she gets to use her new computer for the first time then. I still have to get the printer driver to work and get it to access the other computers in the church. I hope it doesn't take me long to get it working tomorrow. I have a Bible Study lesson to prepare for when I get in tomorrow.

I went to pick Reggie up from the groomers about half way through the sermon preparation and fed him, walked him in the back yard and then he wanted to come to the upstairs office to lay down while I finished working on Sunday's stuff. I think I am going to have to take him to the church with me tomorrow as Janice has a doctor's appointment after she gets off from work and will be late getting home. We don't like to leave Reggie alone in the house for more than four hours or so. We keep him in the kitchen now, with puppy pads on one side that he uses as his bladder doesn't hold his liquids for long periods of time. So, since I will be gone about six or seven hours and Janice will be coming in about six hours after I leave, I think he should go with me. Not to worry, he will sleep most of the time anyway.

After Janice got home today, I went back to Sam's Club as she needed to pick up a couple of things - one of which was a rotisserie chicken which we had for supper this evening. I love those things!

We watched the new first episode of The Rookie from last night, followed by a recording of this new show on NBC called Ordinary Joe, a show about a young man who, at the point of his college graduation, had to determine what path he was going to take with his career. His choices were to go to med school and become a doctor, to fulfill his dream of being a rock concert performer, or follow in the path of his father, uncle and grandfather and become an NYPD police officer. I wasn't too thrilled with the thing as it interwove his three possible vocations ten years after his graduation and it was made to give the viewer a glimpse of what his life would be in all three. I think we are going to watch the second episode which actually airs tonight and since it comes on after Janice goes to bed, I will do what I did last Monday and record it so we can see it tomorrow evening.

It is almost 8:30 so I am going to end this musing so I can spend a few minutes out on the deck with a glass of wine and some music before NCIS comes on and that followed by The Good Doctor season premiere.

I may have a few complaints to air in tomorrow's rant, so ... stay tuned!

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