John Corson's Blog

for September 28, 2021


Three people! Just three people showed up today for our regular Tuesday Bible Study which is four less than last week and five from the week before. Also, I had prepared more for this one than the last two combined. it just seems that every time I give more time and effort to something at church, the least number of people are present to hear or benefit from it.

Why bother?

I have come to the conclusion that when most of your church members have mixed priorities that the attention of the preacher is no longer on visiting the sick, preaching sermons, preparing for Bible Studies, readying the church for worship, making sure the songs are uplifting and going to meetings. The priority of this preacher now seems to be to confront the folks with their mismatched or backwards priorities and to illuminate them into knowing that if God's priorities are not high on their list, then why should I put Bible Study and sermon preparation high on my list of priorities?

Without going into too much detail about today, suffice it to say that the subject was on False teachers, false Christians, false teachings and the Antichrist. Yep! THE ANTICHRIST! You would think that subject alone would bring out the "crystal ball gazers and tarot card readers" in the church. A look into the future!

In reality it was a study from I John 2:18-29 where the antichrist is mention and defined there. I happen to have made this one of my major areas of study in graduate school and I do not subscribe to the eschatological (end-times) view of 90 percent of all Evangelical Christians. I have a view that goes all the way back to the first Church Fathers and the students of the original Apostles themselves. The current popular belief of a Rapture, followed by a seven year tribulation, then a cataclysmic battle, followed by the Kingdom of God on Earth (the 1000 year reign or Millennium), followed by the release of Satan and a gathering of all enemies against God, followed by the final battle and the destruction of the earth with the final second coming of Jesus is only 195 years old. Founded in the mind of 14-year old Margaret MacDonald in 1826 and told to her pastor Edward Irving and propagated among attendees of a prophecy conference near Glasgow, Scotland and further elaborated upon by John Nelson Darby by 1832 is nothing to ground one's belief on about the second coming of Christ.

So who, or what, is this Antichrist? Well I didn't elaborate upon it much today as I and the three others thought that this was an important enough subject to hold over until next week with the hope that more people will show up. I will tell my faithful readers here and now, if we don't have at least double this number next week, I will be hard pressed to continue the Tuesday Bible Study for the time being. Perhaps we should have waited until our new kitchen and remodeled fellowship hall was finished as the atmosphere of everyone, including me, sitting around a table and having a joint  participation, rather than the picture of a lecture from me standing behind a lectern is more preferable.

Yeah! I am really disheartened right now.

I finally got the office and media computers talking to each other. The internal network seems to be completely online and working well, so I got that taken care of today. I still can't get my Secretary's computer to fire off the main printer in the office. When I click print on any document or file it revs up the printer's internal motor but does not print. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers and the printer software twice! I am about ready to throw the printer out of the upstairs window.

I guess you can say that today was the day to get pissed off. Everything seemed to pluck what few nerves I have - all of them! I am home now and Janice is fixing supper. I can't wait to have a good dinner, then go out and spend a couple of hours on the deck with some wine, nice relaxing music and my dog in my lap. I am tired and over being aggravated for the day.

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