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for September 29, 2021


Last night, in between watching FBI (which comes on at 8pm) and FBI Most Wanted (that comes on two hours later) I sat out on the back deck, first with Pixie, my fast-paced crazy cat and later with Whiskers, my 21 pound lazy, fat-cat. Reggie was in the den asleep on the couch and in a position where I could peer in the sliding glass door to see if he is moving or about to fall off.

Pixie is so full of energy that she is constantly looking for something to chase or attack. But last night, while on the deck, she was more sedate as if she thought it was time to start lounging around in life. Pixie doesn't like to stay outside that much and for any length of time other than about five minutes or less. She is a nervous type and rarely goes off the deck unless it is daytime and she wants to chew on some grass. Whickers is the same way, but it is as if she (Whiskers) is just too lazy to walk down the five steps to the ground.

Anyway, those two cats are good company when I am alone and on the deck. Even if I am sitting on the couch watching TV while Janice is in bed, they do hang around nearby. Pixie usually starts out going to bed with Janice and, unless she is really tired, she comes back downstairs about an hour or two later. Whiskers has an attitude problem which conflicts only her brain. She doesn't really like to relocate in the house as it tends to require too much effort on her part. Being lazy usually means if she is upstairs and laying underneath the chair in my office, she won't move unless there is house-shaking thunder or a call to eat. But, if for some reason she wants to move a bit, she may come downstairs and lay in front of the couch as I watch TV.

The thing with both of those cats is that they try to talk to me, Whiskers more than Pixie. When I call Pixie to come upstairs she will come around the hallway corner and while starting to trot up the stairs she is talking the whole time. Whiskers, on the other hand doesn't wait for my call. All I have to do is look at her and she pops out with a meow as if to ask: "What are you wanting from me now?"

On any given night, Whiskers can be out on the deck with me and I just ask her a question or say a sentence or two to her and she comes back with a meow or two. Almost every time, without fail, when I talk in this back-and-forth way, she responds. If she doesn't, all I have to say is her name and meow she does. Pixie isn't that much of a conversationalist, but when she knows there is something interesting about to happen with my call to her, she will have something to say.

So I thought I would start out this rant with a look at the personality of my cats. This has a calming effect on me - you know, talking about the cats. So does sitting out on that deck. Before about two months ago, it was rare for me to sit out there at night, especially on a hot and humid evening. I hardly ever sat out there in the Spring or at anytime in the Winter. Janice and I have been living in this house for 27 years (with the exception of the four we lived in a parsonage outside of Emporia,  VA between 2005 and 2009). I just never really took advantage of the deck for anything other than overflow space for a big family get-together or to use it for carpentry work like sawing wood or varnishing crown molding or something along that way. The deck is 21 years old, we had a previous one, also 21 years of age, replaced and now it is time to do it all over again. I am going to start getting estimates when I get back from vacation and hopefully get a new deck up before Thanksgiving.

Today, I had to make a few calls to check on people in the church as well as to schedule medical appointments and such. First, I called my Colorectal doctor to schedule my ten year colonoscopy screening. Then, I had to call in refills for a couple of prescriptions. There were other calls too, but I don't care to enumerate.

Janice came home early as she is having terrible sinus problems along with the nasal congestion that brings. She called her doctor who wanted to have a visual appointment with her on Zoom at 3:00 so that Janice could get a prescription for that issue. Turns out that her doctor, as a precaution, wanted Janice to get tested for Covid, even though she was already vaccinated before she could return back to work. So, I had to drive her up to First Care near Harbourview to get tested and get a note to allow her to return to work. She did test negative so, she is going back to work in the morning. I had to go and pick up my prescriptions so that is why we rode together. Her waiting on the test results took longer than expected so the last two hours of the afternoon were basically shot.

Now, here I sit composing the wonderful events of my last 24 hours. Whoopee! I could sit here and talk about the weather again. Suffice it to say that it is wonderful. A cold front slipped through last evening while I was sitting on the deck. It was a dry one as the rain associated with it ended before it got here. In fact, very few clouds were in the sky when it went through. This leads me back to saying once again that I love this time of year. In a couple of weeks, Janice and I head up north to see my son Brad in Canton, Ohio and along the way, we are going to stop in West Virginia to enjoy the scenes of the fall foliage. It's the coolness of the air, the color of the trees and the freshness of the breezes that bring out the big smiles on my face. I really do enjoy it.

Janice has just left for choir practice at church and I think I am going to A.J. Gators for some chicken wings, cheese sticks and a Lynchburg Lemonade. Yeah, that sounds about right. Then, after Janice gets home, we watch Jeopardy and she goes to bed, I will be back out on the deck, savoring some music, drinking another LL and talking to Whiskers. Maybe Pixie will get Janice to sleep and want to come downstairs and go out there too. Either way, I am enjoying this weather and can't wait to enjoy a new deck if I can get that thing built before the winter rains set in.

Oh, as far as a rant goes, let me just remind you that I just said "winter rains." It takes a miracle to have snow around her anymore so I won't be sitting on the deck making snowballs. Not, that is, unless there are miracles still to be had in my life. But then there are fires in the fireplace that is wonderful too.

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