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for September 30, 2021


It looks like I have made it through another September, scathed and still alive. I always have more negative events and situations hit me in this month than any other month on the calendar. I seriously don't recall when I have had a more positive September than negative in my life. I will say, though, that this one has had a few highlights.

I am not going back over the month and review either the good or the bad. You can just click the September button below and be taken to the month's blog titles and see for yourself what the month looked like. Read a few of them if you want to subject yourself to a masochistic punishment of sorts. Pay particular attention to the Sunday dates as you will note that each Sunday was full or woe, unlike the Sundays in August.

Today was an office day. I left for church around 9:15 and I knew that this wasn't going to be as good as I hoped. First I was hoping that the two possible solutions I gathered from the internet technical sites would give me the answer to my print problems on my Secretary's new computer. They didn't!

But before I got to church, I ended up in the longest wrap-around wait line at the Centerbrooke Starbucks in Suffolk. The parking lot was literally full - no spaces around the building and, even though there are six suites in that building, only three were open, Starbucks was one and they had to have had at least twenty to twenty-five people inside. Seeing that there was literally no parking spaces available (there are 36 such spaces there), I ended up not being able to go out the way I came in as the traffic was terrible. Now this is a parking lot and you would think you were at a crowded intersection. The back side exit was blocked due to eighteen cars; that's 18 in line to place orders at the Starbucks carry out window! I couldn't get out so I stayed in line. It moved slowly, but steadily until the car in front of me stopped to place an order. The lady inside, literally spent over $50.00 as she ordered food for four people and six drinks went through that window and into her car. Now that takes time to make all those drinks she ordered. What I thought would be a fifteen minute wait in a slow line, turned out to be twelve minutes until the woman in front placed and a couple of minutes later, received her order at the window. Her time alone was 13 minutes! Give me a freaking break!

Then I got to church and had my time wasted on non-fixes for the printer driver problem, and then I knew this day was not going to get better. It didn't!

Janice was sent home from work today under the fear that she had a false negative Covid test done yesterday and her terrible throat problem brought on by the fall allergies. She could hardly speak. Working in the healthcare industry immediately made her co-workers think she went to work and exposed them to Covid. She was accosted by one co-worker and then received a call from her boss telling her to leave. She got home around 10:30 and she was crying her eyes out at the possibility that she was going to be written up and suspended for possible Covid exposure. She tested again before she left, but the results didn't come in, or at least they did not call her to tell her the results as of 5:30 this afternoon.

I got home around 2:45 and within 10 minutes and after warming up a plate of food to eat for a late lunch, I got a phone call from one of the ladies in the church telling me that her grandmother was dying and her father wanted me to come by and say a prayer. Now her father is Victor, my Media man who runs the slides and music during the church service. He is a very nice guy and I was more than willing to come by and see and pray with his mother. She had fallen and broken her femur bone and tale bone three weeks ago and steadily went down hill from there. She is 86 years old. The really sad part about this is that her husband, Victor's father, is in the hospital with Covid on oxygen and not in the know about his wife. They don't want to tell him.

I spent about two hours with Victor and his brother, sisters, and their children and his daughter and son-in-law. His mother, Carole, is slowly passing and may not make it through the night. She is a member of another church and her pastor has not come to visit her. Maybe he doesn't know of her condition as she has not been for a year and a half due to Covid. The same for his dad.

I will say this, this month is not ending in any good fashion. Add on top of the above bad stuff, Reggie hasn't eaten enough to keep a bird alive today. He can't seem to get comfortable when he lies down and he is shaking like he is cold, but to most dogs that can also mean they are either scared or are hurting. I think he is hurting but he is showing no signs of pain when I touch, rub or pick him up.

So I have Janice and Reggie sick, a mom and a dad who are is serious to critical condition, a printer that still won't print off of my Secretary's computer after over a week of messing with it and an evening that is not much better as I type these words. I did spend about an hour on the deck this evening, most of that time with Reggie in my arms and listening to some piano music. Now, at 11:00 PM, I am in this office, watching Reggie just stand there on his blanket and towel, starring off into the distance and shivering like he is standing in the snow.

I am going to end this blog now to take care of him as best as I can. I don't know what he needs, but I am hoping that my attention will help.

Let me just stop by saying" "Thank goodness September will be over in an hour."

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