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for September 7, 2021


You know, I have spent most of this day just vegetating. I did go to the church office today and did very little work, except to try and fix that blooming Intuit QuickBooks Premiere Pro accounting program for our church treasurer. The problem is that in order to update our credit card to pay the annual fees, I have to have the original treasurer from when we went with QuickBooks to give us her user name and password. Now she has been gone since 2009 and we have had three treasurers since and have updated that card three times since 2010. What's up with that?

So, since Intuit has no phone number to use in order to contact tech support or troubleshooting, and since they have over 6,000 pages of info and sales on their website with no "site overview" page and since all of their "contact" information is only about sales and you can call it, but it gives no options to get to tech support, I have to conclude that Intuit is a piece of crap company.

My treasurer, in a previous employment, used Peachtree, the main competitor to Intuit's QuickBooks. And up and coming NetSuite by Oracle offers great promises to be a fabulous accounting program and should replace QuickBooks in the marketplace of accounting soon.

I told my treasurer that since she is accustomed to Peachtree that if she wanted to order the software, the church would pay the fees and we could use that. I also had her look over the NetSuite ads and info online to see if she was interested, but I don't think she is. It's really up to her, but this running around and doing web searches for solutions to our problem or to get a simple tech support phone number just wasted my day at the office.

After that, I went over to the Post Office near the house to pick up a package that was supposed to be delivered yesterday. Now I know that yesterday was a holiday, but the Post Office has been contracted by Amazon to make deliveries for them when the demand is great and Amazon needs to extra help. That is especially true on Sundays and weekends and the Post Office workers make extra cash in doing that. Well, I noticed on my Amazon app that about 7:15 pm they were two stops away from making a delivery to my house. Fifteen minutes later I get a text from Amazon saying that my package was undeliverable. It was as if I lived on a barren dirt road five miles outside of civilization. The link I was told to click took me to the Amazon "My orders" page where it said that I could pick it up at the Post Office of my zip code since it was taken back there as being "undeliverable." Now here is something interesting. I already had a package delivered by the Post Office from Amazon about three hours earlier, so I know I don't live down that five mile stretch of dirt road at the end of civilization.

So, I go to the Post Office this morning at 9 am, only they open at 10 and now close at 3:30. Our tax dollars at work, paying full-time clerks to work part time. So, I came back after leaving the office and the time was close to 3 pm. I stood in this line with over 25 people ahead of me and as I got up to about fifth in line I heard the clerk tell this poor soul ahead of me that his package could be picked up over at the receiving center which is a block down the highway and across the street. As this pissed off customer was walking by I asked him if he got something from Amazon that was to be delivered by the Post Office and was told that it was undeliverable. After affirming that that was the case, I got out of line and followed the dude over to the receiving center. Wouldn't you know, they are only open from 7:30 until 11 am!

So, I have to go back tomorrow to retrieve a book that cost me more in shipping and handling, since it was not with Prime, and the headaches cost more!

I have to admit, I just thought about the blog now. It came to me while sitting out on the back deck, thinking about whatever. I said, "Holy crap! I forgot the blog today!" So for you loyal followers of these rants I apologize - to all one of you and to the one or two others that sometimes pop over just to check on me.

So, here it is. That rant for Tuesday, September 7th. I am sure that I will have something better to complain about tomorrow.

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