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for September 8, 2021


Oh yeah, it's another hot and humid day. But hold on tight, folks, a cold front is a comin'! When the rain is over tomorrow and the temperatures fall, I will cut the grass - that will be Friday. Until then, I am staying inside.

After I posted my blog from yesterday (which was close to 10 pm) I went out on the deck and my two cats joined me while Reggie was asleep on the couch inside. I did not take my Bluetooth speakers out and therefore I sat without music blaring in the background. I talked a little to my cats. Whiskers, the 21 pound fat one, talks back to me. I ask her a question, she sees me looking at her and instinctively knows I expect her to meow back. I don't even have to mention her name as she knows that I am talking to her. Pixie, on the other hand, my respond with a meow back, but not usually. If she is downstairs when I call her from upstairs to come up, she usually give me a cross between a loud purr and long meow as she climbs up the stairs at a fast pace. But that is about it in her talking back.

Both cats are indoor felines, but on occasion I let them out. They never stray away from the back deck and I never let them out in the front yard. They both stayed on the deck with me for about twenty minutes and then, they made their way to the back door, indicating they wanted to go back inside. It was a nice night with a gentle breeze as the winds hadn't shifted to the southwest yet and the dew points were in the low 60's.

I have really gotten to enjoy sitting out on the deck. It was built 21 years ago and is now in need to repair. Janice and I are probably going to start the deck reconstruction process in about a month or two and will have it done by Thanksgiving. That will be about the time we won't be sitting out there in the evening for the weather will be getting chilly. I may just wait until March to rebuild it. Who knows?

In about an hour, I have to go with Janice to her audiologists as she is about 60 percent deaf in her left ear and will be fitted for a hearing aid for that ear. The audiologist needs me there so she can measure my voice in order to tune the aid so that Janice can hear my voice without it coming through as loud or overbearing. Don't ask me what that is all about but the last time she wore an aid for about two weeks, she thought the cat scratching on her post and me saying Hell-o was of earth shattering volume.

About my day so far, well, I got up to go to the Post Office receiving center like I spoke of in yesterday's rant, to pick up a book that I order and which the mail lady didn't deliver. Well, guess what? I wasn't there! No surprise there. The man at the window said undeliverable packages usually go to the district or regional postal service center which, for me, is located on the other side of the city and 40 minutes away due to major road construction between my house and there. I was hot! But, not to worry, the clerk told me that they would not send it back to Amazon, but rather and eventually deliver it. It may take two days. I just settled on not having to go down to Greenbrier today because I had a few other things to do.

I went over and got a chicken biscuit from Chick-Fil-A, a latte from Starbucks and came home to do a little reading. I later took a shower, got dressed and took four suits over to the Dry Cleaners in Suffolk and then went off to hold a couple of hands. Well, one lady I went to see wasn't at home. She was probably with her bridge group or at one of her many social groups she is involved with. So, since she lives near the hospital, I went over to check on one of my member's mother who had fallen and broke her hip, femur bone and had several stitches in her head as she hit a table on the way down. She is around 90 years old so that is a big thing for her.

I came home and am now waiting for Janice to get home so we can get over to the audiologist. I may write some more later, but will post this now. This evening the rain should start and I may just open up my office window and listen to it as it falls and that may inspire me to compose more words.

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