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for September 9, 2021


It's raining and it's wonderful. Yes sir, I love a steady light-to-moderate shower, listening to the water bounce off the deck and on to the ground.

I am sitting here in my home office with the window opened a few inches so I can hear the rain and I have to say, I want to take a nap. Reggie and I just got in from the church office where there were some light showers and I debated on whether to stay for awhile longer and watch it rain out of my windows there, or just come home, change into my shorts and T-shirt, and wait for the downpours. Of course, I chose the later and as soon as I fed Reggie and changed my clothes here comes the rain.

If you have ever watched one or more of the Jesse Stone movies starring Tom Selleck, there is always a scene in which a good rain shower falls, leading the viewer to think that a sad or depressing situation is or will about to occur. Many of the times, it forms the backdrop for Jesse to think clearly on a case that is puzzling him. But, of course, there are the dark moments in Jesse's life in which the rain pushes him to drink more than a second glass of Scotch. Then, he gets hammered.

Seeing that I don't, or can't get hammered, I let the rain speak to me. Maybe it will be the background for my inspiration for the day. Maybe it will help me to get a nap or a good night's sleep. Either way, I love a rainy day (night).

So Reggie and I went to the church today. He slept most of the time on my office floor, I did some light reading off of the internet and filled in a questionnaire for my upcoming annual visit to the doctor. It seems that next week will be a busy one with not one, not two, but three doctor's appointments. My annual physical with my primary care physician is Monday afternoon, followed by what promises to be a somewhat intense Deacon's meeting at church. On Tuesday before my regular office hours and the return of our Tuesday afternoon Bible Study, I have an appointment with my dermatologist. Nothing real serious that I know of, but Janice is concerned about two spots on my back that are neither moles or red spots, but are crusty areas on my skin on which she wants an opinion. I do have a couple of spots on my face that I think are liver spots, but she wants a professional assessment there as well.

Then, on Thursday I have to get my teeth cleaned so off to the Dentist I go. Following that, it's back to the church office for four hours of grueling nonsense.

Darn it! The rain has stopped! COME BAAAAACCKKKK!

The downside of all of this rain, of course, is that there will be an infestation of mosquitoes, which I can keep at bay when I sit out on the porch with my Thermocell Repellent, and the ants. The rain washes out their underground homes and they come up top to look for dry ground and they can find even the tiniest of holes in the rubber weather strip to get inside. Once in, they get up on the counter tops, in the dog's bowl, around the area near the sinks and refrigerator. We do keep all the foods sealed or inside the refrigerator, but those little varmints can "smell" food a mile away and if Reggie leaves even the slightest morsel of food in or underneath his bowl, the ants are there to pile up on top of it like a loose football in the middle of a fumble.

Janice ought to be home soon. Before I jump off here and perform my "honey do" necessities, I want to talk about my afternoon and evening yesterday, since I didn't come back after the initial post of the blog. To put it sternly, I didn't want to write anymore. But, yesterday afternoon I spent about two hours in this audiologist's office while Janice was examined and then tried on some hearing aides. It looks like she will be wearing very expensive Bluetooth aids made for the Miracle Ear clients, which is where we were yesterday. I think she needs the best and she just wants something that is very small, inserts in the ear, and she is insistent that since her left ear is almost perfect, she only needs one.

After trying on this pair and seeing that they have a surround sound effect that are also auto-adjusted for fit for the various situations she could find herself in (like a concert hall, a restaurant, church, with somebody one-on-one in a room, at work with a phone in one ear and a patient in the other) she will eventually hear better than a six year old with not a single hearing problem. After that, we came home, ate some cold chicken breast left over from a fried chicken bucket bought at Wal-Mart, we sat down to watch a couple of episodes of Cheers, then Jeopardy and finally she went off to bed while I watched an episode of Grimm before turning on Glenn Beck's Wednesday Night Special on BlazeTV. I wasn't able to sit on the back deck last night as we were having misty rain and nasty conditions outside so I stayed in for the evening. After the 10 o'clock news I became bored with what was showing on the 349 channels I receive and the Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime channels. In other words, nothing seemed to thrill me, so I went to bed.

This is the extent of the excitement of my life at this juncture of the week. As far as today is concerned, I just received both a text and a phone call from the emergency service of the city of Chesapeake to inform us that we are under a flash flood warning in my area. Oh, goodie! But the rain has stopped! Maybe the warning was for the whole city and since I live on the extreme western portion, I won't get affected and those who live in the mid, central, northern and eastern portions will see a lot of puddles in the roads. Seriously, I think we are not going to see to much more rain as the winds have shifted to the northwest and are less than ten miles an hour. That means the temps will go down some, the humidity will drop and we will have two or three days of nice weather. More than the rain, I welcome dry, cooler air so I can cut the grass tomorrow and not loose twelve pounds of weight through sweat.

I'm done for now. Later, Gator!

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