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Friday, July 30, 2021

When I get up most mornings, the first thing I do is to check for any text or email messages and then I check my "The Report" app for the latest REAL and TRUE news that is going on around the world and especially this country. "The Report" is a handy app that contains news and commentary coming from all the best conservative and libertarian news sources around the country, a few of which have been banned from Facebook, Twitter and many of the other social media outlets.

In case you have never heard of "The Report", you should download it to your phone. There is a free version and that's, of course, paid for by advertisements which, in this case, are not too intrusive. I went ahead and paid the $1.99 for the ad-free version. Here is a partial list of their news sources:

Now think about having these internet links all wrapped up into one source so you won't have to sit at a PC or go through your internet browser on your phone or tablet to see what many of these fine news sources are saying.

So I almost, faithfully, look at many items before I really get my day started. I can trust these news sources not to ignore facts or obscure data and present what is actually happening without the main stream media censorship.

Now what I want to really say and talk about today is that I have arrived at the conclusion that not only is our nation gone. But those so-called survivalists out there may be on to something. I am talking about those who actually are or have horded emergency preparedness, survival food, invested in gold and silver, have virtually gone off the grid and use solar or wind power turbines to pump energy into their homes. Many have sold their suburban homes and moved to the mountains or to place like western Montana, Idaho, northern Wyoming and areas conducive to hiding and have nearly unrestrictive gun laws.

One former pastor and presidential candidate, Chuck Baldwin, is one such survivalist. He pastored a church in Florida for nearly 35 years, raised it up from a mere 25 person membership to over 2000 and decided to retire to the upper northern-western edge of Montana. Together with his family and a number of his members from his Florida church, they moved because they saw that the massive socialist takeover of America would bring foreign countries in to effectively takeover the economy and much of the land of Americans.

Chuck, who ran for President in 2008 as the Constitution Party is conservative, loves this country and wants to thrive in it, making a life for him his children and grandchildren for years to come. He saw imminent catastrophe coming through the Obama Administration and see the four Trump years as merely a pause in the death of the country. Since moving to Kalispell, Montana he has started the Liberty Fellowship Church and has built a large compound or, in reality, a small town complete with homes, places to shop, farm land, etc. Each home is equipped with underground bunkers, many designed to withstand a nuclear attack. They are all gun-owners, homeschool their children and have enough freeze-dried food for a family of six to last for ten or more years.

Baldwin has basically given up on the nation, not its people, but its leaders. He doesn't trust government and he believes the Democrats are agents of the devil and the Republicans are merely cowards, not willing or able to summon up the strength or guts to call out the LEFT. Baldwin's move to Montana back in 2011 was enough to put him and his followers on the Southern Poverty Law Centers "Watch List" under the category of  "Antigovernment" and part of the patriot movement, serving as Chaplain of Oath Keepers, is seen as one of the top hate group leaders since he speaks out against homosexuality, the dumbing down of education and the teaching of CRT in the public schools, women in combat, political correctness, abortion, and believes we are on a collision course with Islam and that Christianity may, by and large, by doomed by that religion. He is against unrestrained immigration and believes in voter ID laws. This puts him and his followers right in the middle of the SPLC's bulls eye!

It is not that I would like to join his group, nor live in the Montana, Idaho region of the country. In fact, I wouldn't mind living in the most atheistic, unreligious, socialist state in the country where I can hide among the inhabitants - right under their noses: VERMONT, in the Green Mountains with its quaint towns and farms, the beautiful, yet uninhabited churches (many of them turned into concert halls, town halls, libraries, senior citizen centers and the like). It is a place where everybody, not in politics, stays out of your business and truly aids and helps one another.

This is my way of saying, I am pretty much ready to go! I want to leave my native Virginia. The Left, especially the Democrats who do their bidding, has made me want to leave. Not that they are running me away, but that I can't stand the stench around here. Call me xenophobic (which the LEFT already does), but with each passing day I feel like I should have taken Spanish in High School or college instead of Latin, French and German. I hear more Spanish speaking going on in many places I frequent than English. Not only that, I am tired of my taxes going up. Get this: I paid $618.43 a quarter on real estate taxes in 2017-18; $643.47 in 2018-19, $676.41 in 2018-19; $693.31 in 2019-20; and $727.15 in 2020-21. Starting this fiscal year it goes to a whopping $804.94 with the first installment due by September 30th. What more, this is the only city of the seven major cities comprising Hampton Roads, with a Republican majority on the city council which has kept the tax rate at $1.05 per $100 since 2009. Thank goodness for that. It's the assessments that keep going up six years in a row after not having increased a bit between 2012 and 2016.

The cost of living in Hampton Roads has doubled since 2010 and tripled since 2001! In Vermont, the cost of living has gone up only 55 percent since 2000! That beats our 200 percent increase!

Anyway, I would now like to get away, do away with my televisions, keep up with what's going on only with the "The Report" app, buy enough survival kits and food to last for ten years for me and Janice, live off of the grid, do away with text messaging and smart phones, using only a tablet hooked into a small diner's Wi-Fi to get the news and listen only to classical news and big bands on the radio, all the while trying to preach to a few open minded individuals who may still be looking for a personal God to love them. Surely one of those vacant church buildings could be spruced up, cleaned and painted and can be used for that purpose.

I really want to get out of here. What holding me back? My wife, who will never leave her three sons who live in the area, my children who would be farther away if I moved up to the northeast, and my home that I couldn't sell right now, except to the government (that would give me more money for it) but they would, in turn, use it for supplemental housing for those who refuse to work. In other words, Black Rock would buy it, give me about $100 to $125 grand more than it is appraised and the neighbors I leave behind will no longer speak to me.

I am a survivalist in the sense that I believe in God and that He should be held in high esteem, at least like He was 200 years ago. I believe in free speech, freedom of religion, and the right to own guns. All those wonderful things, and more, that made America great and what Democrats want to do away with. I not only loath Democrats, I hate with all my soul the plans they have to end our Republic, destroy our freedoms and turn our country into a Marxist hell-hole like Venezuela.

Just click the envelope to drop me a line. I really would love to hear from you. Besides, it strokes my ego and allows me to believe that there is someone out there who reads this stuff. Don't we all need that?

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