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Saturday, April 10, 2021

I got up this morning and looked over my The Report app on my phone to check on the latest REAL news. I usually do that before getting out of bed. It allows my eyes to adjust, getting all of the gunk out of them due to the pollen and my allergies. So, I read a few articles and was sufficiently informed as to the latest measures the Democrats are taking to finish off our beloved nation and got out of bed.

After feeding Reggie is breakfast and helping Janice in the front yard for about ten minutes, I proceeded to my watering hole - i.e. Starbucks. I wanted to see what their newest store near me looks like as they had their grand opening a week ago. It is a nice place and very functional - that is, if the Democrats will ever allow us to fully open all restaurants and coffee shops to full use.

My first gripe of the day is what happened immediately after purchasing my hot white chocolate mocha and an everything bagel. After getting into the car, starting it, and heading out of the parking area, the lid popped off of the cup and 180 degrees of hot espresso and milk silt all over my lap and steering wheel. How I kept holding on to the cup and not spilled the whole thing is a miracle. It was hot! I always asked for a little extra heat - 180 degrees instead of the regular 150. And while driving home in all of the mess, it gets sticky! I hate my pants sticking to me, stains on the pant legs, and sticky hands and fingers. My steering wheel was covered too.

Thus starts my Saturday. But it should get better. For some reason I am optimistic.

We had a much needed rain last evening. There were thunder showers, sometimes the rain was heavy, lots of thunder and I guess we had about 2 inches of rain from 4:30 until 11:00. There were some places near the Carolina line in Chesapeake that got as much as ten inches of rain! We had just enough at my house. It took care of the pollen - but not for long. Thirty minutes after getting home from the trip to *$$, the pollen is starting to build back up on my car.

For the benefit of my two or three ever-faithful readers, I want to backtrack to the first paragraph above. I want to get a plug in about that The Report app I have on my phone. It used to be a private app developers Drudge Report, that expanded to include several other conservative news sources in the menu. After Drudge became fully a "Never-Trumper" news site, the developer changed the name to the Daily Report, continuing to use the "D R" letters that he did before to abbreviate Drudge Report. After adding several more news sources to the menu, the developer in February changed the name simply to The Report and now uses the initials "T R". This is such a good source. If you believe that the main stream media is completely under the control of the Marxist Democrat Party, is incapable of telling the truth and has become a hotbed of progressive bull crap, then I recommend The Report. Here is the complete menu of news sources they use:

The Washington Times,
The New York Post,
The Blaze,
Breitbart News,
One America News,
Zero Hedge,
The Daily Wire,
The Daily Caller,
Washington Free Beacon,
Real Clear Politics,
Hot Air,
The Epoch Times,
P J Media,
The Gateway Pundit,
World Net Daily,
Judicial Watch,
The Federalist,
Fox News,
Fox Business,
The National Review,
The American Thinker,
Populist Press,
The Western Journal,
Just the News,
The National Pulse,
Liberty Daily,
The Bongino Report,
Citizens Free Press,
and yes, Drudge is still there as well as Info Wars.

It is truly a handy thing to have if you spend some time clicking from one news source to another on your PC internet browser, phone or tablet. I love it when you don't have to use a browser because you are always moving from tab to tab for each news source. But this app even give you a "My Feed" page within it to have your favorite sources sort out the news you want to read. You may not like The Gateway Pundit, so you can uncheck it in the settings and it won't even show up in your menu or your "My Feed" section.

Among the few items that I saw this morning that almost made me go back to bed forever were: "GOP Governors Blast Biden's Gun Control Push; Some Vow to Fight Back", "Yahoo News Publishes 'Bizarre Screed' Blaming All Racially-Motivated Violence on White Supremacy", "Biden's Atrocious Opening to Packing the Supreme Court", "Supreme Court Lifts California COVID Restrictions on In-Home Prayer Meetings", "Biden Administration Considering Cash Payments to Central Americans to Slow Migrant Surge" (not that on made me get out of bed to vomit.

It truly takes some fortitude to use this news source. It gives you all the articles without the spin and especially those that the main stream media will not report. When you are confronted with the truth, your stomach must either be made of cast iron or empty.

Last night, Janice and I settled down to an all new Blue Bloods, what I consider the best prime time show on the major networks in the last fifteen years. I truly hope the show goes another year and we will soon find out if it will. I cannot understand why CBS didn't cancel it after the first couple of years. It has a big conservative bent to it and features a scene each episode of the family around the Sunday dinner table discussing the events of the week in the tenor of their being law and order. Cancel Culture must not be awake after 10 pm on Friday and I thank my lucky stars for that. If Tom Selleck is going to end his acting career with Blue Bloods and the movie series Jesse Stone, then he will have gone out on top of his world.

Speaking of Jesse Stone, I really wished he had made the promised tenth and last movie. Hallmark Channel commissioned two of them after CBS decided to no longer produce TV movies which used to air during the summer programming. They made only on, back in 2015 entitled Lost in Paradise and although several of the regular characters were missing from the previous eight, it still had a great plot and subplot (as each of the preceding films did).

I never got into the Magnum P.I. series back in the 80's and Tom Selleck was never one of my favorite "gotta see him" actors. But he has turn Blue Bloods into a cult classic hit. I will always be grateful to him for headlining this show.

Well, today, we have sunny skies, a light gentle breeze out of the east and it is supposed to be 73 degrees for the high today. More rain comes into play overnight so I want to get out and spend time in this weather.

you know, when I say it is going to rain overnight, that might be enough to keep people away from church in the morning even through the rain is to end by 6 o'clock in the morning and the sun is to come our by 9. I guess that also means my blog tomorrow will be a lot more gloomy than today's for sure. If you think you don't want to read tomorrow's rag because of possible pessimism, I promise I will key you in on the first sentence as to whether you should or shouldn't read. Sometimes, like three weeks ago, I speak words of happiness and spread good news about the day at church. But most of the time, like last week and the week before, where I grumbled about people going out of town, but never bringing family back with them to grace the church attendance, I spill my guts about poor attendances, lack of help, having to do five things at once and being the center of no-one's attention. Maybe I will start one of two ways to tips you off as to my temperament. It will either start: "It was as great day at Church today..." or "I'm so tired and saddened today ..."

So, tune in tomorrow ...


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