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Sunday, January 24, 2021

In my last blog I mentioned at the end that Reggie needed to go out - again. He was fighting the trots caused by a wonderful steak dinner Janice and I brought home on Friday evening. Poor thing. Well, yesterday afternoon he was over it! Or so we thought!

It was a cold and blustery day - yesterday. So Janice and I didn't see the need to go outside looking for yard work to do, so she did some house cleaning, I worked on yesterday's rant and afterwards, we both decided to binge watch the second season of Shooter. There were only eight 42 minute episodes so from about 3:30 until 11:00, with a couple of brief pauses we watched them. Then, we settled down to a good night's sleep. Reggie had already performed his bedtime constitutional outside in 20-degree weather and was lying between us. Nighty-nite! Or so I thought.

Wham! The diarrhea was back full force. At first he walked around the bed and woke Janice up. She called to me and said Reggie needed to go outside. That was 12:30 am. Well he did drink a lot of water during the day so I thought he needed a simple No. 1 break. I took him downstairs and to the back door. He went out and I went to the bathroom too. I figured he'd be done and heading back to the deck by the time I got to the back door, but he wasn't. Where is that little turd? I went outside with no coat on, but did have my flannels, thinking it would only take a few seconds to locate him, but I couldn't. I went back in, grabbed my coat and a flashlight and after coming off the deck I spied him in mid-dump! Uh Oh! Is it the diarrhea returning?

Wishing and hoping it was just a fluke, I brought him back in and we went back to bed. At 1:30 he was at it again! I took him out, he folded up like an accordion as is his manner when doing No. 2 and I knew it was back! He had to go 40 minutes afterwards and being literally ticked off (as I had to be at my optimum performance the next morning for Church). I went upstairs and pulled out a single bed mattress we use when we have an overflow of company, took it downstairs to the utility (laundry) room where the back door is located, plopped two blankets on it and got Reggie to lay down with me and we TRIED to sleep there! He had to go two more times between 2:30 and 5:00 and all I had to do was reach up and turn the door handle to let him out. Hey! It beats getting up from a warm bed, taking him downstairs, opening the back door for him. I mean after all, we didn't teach him how to unlock and turn the door knob to let himself out.

So, needless to say this morning I was sore from sleeping in a crimped up position on an old small mattress on a cold hard floor, near a door which I have come to find out has a couple of areas at the bottom that is letting in the slightest of cold air. On top of all of that, both my cats had to come down and check out where Daddy and brother were and upon finding out I had a couple of good blankets, they decided to curl up against me and at the bottom where my feet were, rendering it impossible to move or even turn my body or reorganize the positioning of my feet. What a night!

I think I got to sleep sometime after 6:30 as the sky was lightening up before the dawn. Janice awakened me at 8:00, giving me a full hour-and-a-half of uninterrupted sleep. It was nuts.

So, how did things go in Church, you ask? It went quite well. I was tired on my feet, stuttered a couple of times and slurred my speech twice (according to Janice's account), but it was a very good service. I even got through playing the first song with the drums and made only a couple of minor mistakes. I always catch my mistakes when playing the drums. They are the only instruments I can play with anything and I always strive to lead the tempo and hence the music with precision. One of these days I will share with you my drumming experience and how I came to play the skins when I was an early teen. But suffice it to say, I got through the song without having practiced. I had most of my helpers there this morning so each one did their part in the set up and operation of the service and the Power Point presentation went off like a charm. The attendance was average for a Covid situation (still 20-percent below pre-Covid attendances) and the offerings were slightly up for a fourth Sunday of the month which is always below budget. The first two Sundays of each month more than make up for any deficits there. Ours is a church full of good givers and tithers.

Needless to say, being tired and run down from the night before, we were kind of in a hurry to get home, down some lunch and for me to close the curtains and take a long, long nap. I mean, after all, I may have to sleep in the utility room again tonight. Janice, in fact, has already made room by cleaning out a couple of boxes and moving the recycle bin to the kitchen. She told me to leave the mattress there "just in case."

So, I am making this short and am stopping for now. My warm bed is calling me. So until the next time.... By the way, if I start out tomorrow with a screaming rant, you will know where I slept and how little sleep I got! Thanks Reggie! No more steak for you!


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