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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Eighty years ago today, the Japanese Empire bombed Pearl Harbor and brought the United States into the World War that had already been brewing for more than two years. Back in May of 2003, I went to Pearl Harbor where my oldest son was stationed and I had the opportunity to visit the Arizona Memorial. That building located in one of the locks that flows into the Naval base there stretches across the battle ship which lies sunk in the locks floor and still leaking the oil that seeps out of the many barrels that sank that morning back in 1941.

The little color drops from the fuel are said to be the tears of the many sailors whose bodies lay there trapped on the boat, left untouched out of respect for those aboard who lost their lives.

While standing there, looking over the side of the bridge leading to the memorial building I could see the stacks which come close to the top of the water and could make out much of the deck of the ship. I just stood there and looked for what seemed to be hours.

While standing there looking over the railing I felt emotions, many emotions - contradictory in and of themselves. I felt sorrow, then I felt hatred. Sorrow for what happened to 1177 men who died; hatred at the Japanese for inflicting this massive casualty.

I felt joy, then I felt revenge. Joy over the victory that we would eventually celebrate, albeit nearly four years later; revenge because I would have sought to bring down that evil empire in any way possible. Yes, I would have dropped those two bombs, and more if there were anymore.

I felt peace and I felt tumult. The peace was because I knew that those lying beneath the surface of the water were avenged for their death and they can rest in peace knowing our country is safe; tumult, because I know that our country needs to stay on guard lest the same thing or something worst may befall on us.

Pearl Harbor is etched forever on my mind and I shall not forget the many feelings I had that day.

I was just thinking about that day in history when I sat down to write this blog. I thought about it off and on throughout the day too as I was reminded by the talk radio hosts I normally listen to each day as it was a subject worth talking about. It has been 80 years!

I don't have much else to talk about. My day consisted of the usual four or five hours at the church office, doing administrative stuff. I decided to pull out an oldie but goodie sermon from the past and spruce it up a little to be presented on Sunday. Again, it is hard for me to go all out and spend an enormous amount of time on sermons anymore seeing that most of my folks just don't listen that long. I called a couple of folks to check on them and see how their doctor's visits went and if there were those still in pain from the weekend which kept them from attending.

It was just a day that also included watching a little television and spending about forty minutes in the garden with my two little doggies.

Yeah, I just thought I would check in to let my zero readers know that I am still alive and roaming the face of the earth. It reminds of those lines from that song by Rush called Dreamline:

Wandering the face of the earth,
Wondering what my dreams may be worth;
Learning the we are only immortal
For a limited time!

Just click the envelope to drop me a line. I really would love to hear from you. Besides, it strokes my ego and allows me to believe that there is someone out there who reads this stuff. Don't we all need that?

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