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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Well, when I last left off, I was to take Reggie out on the back deck and trim him up a bit so he wouldn't be always panting due to the heat of the summer swelter. Janice and I got him trimmed up and he is not as hot as he was. It took a while to get him positioned with each leg, side and undercarriage, but he was a patient little man and I truly think he knew what we were trying to do. He did appreciate the loss of a pound of hair.

Today, I called his groomer, knowing it would be at least six weeks to get him in to see her and I did get an appointment. The soonest she can see him is Monday, August 9th. He will need another trim by then, I'm sure so I guess we will have to do it again. I did ask Brittany (the receptionist and scheduler) to pen us in if there is a cancellation. They normally don't do that but since I am a "frequent flyer" there (I have been with that Veterinary Hospital with my pets since 1996), she said she will call if she is working when the next cancellation occurs.

Today is Thursday. Not much has happen thus far today. I went to the church for my normal Thursday routines. I took Reggie with me and he was glad to see Shirley, my Secretary and all-around happy just to ride along and be with me. I stopped at Starbucks before driving to church and got my usual White Chocolate mocha along with a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. I had to use my rewards stars as they are about to expire. I have two more freebies that I have to use by the first of July. That won't be a problem.

I got Reggie his usual "Pup Cup" - a small shot-sized cup full of whipped cream. He loves that stuff. If he could talk, after eating each one, I think he would say: "Man, I sure to love that s**t." That last word is not intended to mean that it's bad, but an expression of excitement at when something great really happens and you can't describe it's wonder.

Well, Janice came home about an hour ago and headed for her garden. It is another beautiful day with the sun shining and the dew point still in the low 50s. The temperature is 76 degrees and there is a gentle wind coming in from the northeast. Tomorrow, the winds shift to the south and then southwest by tomorrow night which means the warm Gulf air returns, the dew point goes up (which means the humidity returns) the temperatures will be in the mid-80's tomorrow and hitting 90 on Saturday. Summer returns.

So it is a very good afternoon for Janice to be out in her garden - doing her favorite thing - that is, digging in the dirt. She would have made a great mole, vole or some other kind of varmint. Don't tell her I said that. I only meant the digging part. I think I am going to go out and enjoy the weather too. I am glad to be home and not having too many obligations to fill.

So, my faithful readers (all two of you, if you are still with me), I am cutting this one short and saying, "au revoir". That's "tootles" in case you are wondering.

Just click the envelope to drop me a line. I really would love to hear from you. Besides, it strokes my ego and allows me to believe that there is someone out there that truly listens. Don't we all need that?


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